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What is strip logging?

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January 17, 2013 1:27AM

Strip logging involves the clear-cutting of a relatively thin strip of forest that parallels a river (goes along the river) along a slope. A gallery forest (bordering the river) is left intact, but a strip is cut immediately upslope and the desirable timber is removed by a road that is also designed to parallel the river. Following this, another strip is cut several years later immediately upslope to the first strip and the road. Nutrients eroded (broken down) from the newly cut strip wash down slope and aid in spreading the recovery of the first strip (Kricher, 1997, p. 346). The process allows the strip to regenerate (regrow) while selecting another strip upslope. It also prevents erosion (the wearing down of nutrients from the soil) because the strip is buffered by a row of trees remaining and a supply of nutrients from the newly cut strip. Smart, huh?