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What is strip logging?

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Strip logging involves the clear-cutting of a relatively thin strip of forest that parallels a river (goes along the river) along a slope. A gallery forest (bordering the river) is left intact, but a strip is cut immediately upslope and the desirable timber is removed by a road that is also designed to parallel the river. Following this, another strip is cut several years later immediately upslope to the first strip and the road. Nutrients eroded (broken down) from the newly cut strip wash down slope and aid in spreading the recovery of the first strip (Kricher, 1997, p. 346). The process allows the strip to regenerate (regrow) while selecting another strip upslope. It also prevents erosion (the wearing down of nutrients from the soil) because the strip is buffered by a row of trees remaining and a supply of nutrients from the newly cut strip. Smart, huh?

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Is deforestation the same as logging?

Logging can lead to deforestation.. If the logging is planned and controlled, then it is beneficial to the trees by retarding fires and encouraging new healthy tree growth. But most likely than not there are unscrupulous people/companies that strip large acreage of land which causes deforestation.

Why is there logging?

There is logging because we need paper and other wood resources. But why exactly do we have logging? If you love logging or hate logging then you should do something about that cause if yo never wanted logging to exist I'm with you. I hate logging. That doesn't mean you have to though. If you love logging then make more logging happen. Have a debate with your class about this. Hope you liked my answer!

What are the punishment of illegal logging?

punishment of illegl logging punishment of illegl logging

What companies destroy natural habitats?

Logging (especially clear-cut logging) and strip mining are both biggies - look into companies that do that, but even feed lots can have an big impact on a smaller scale. It just depends on why you're are asking. More specific questions lead to better answers.

How do you put the word logging in a sentence?

Logging on the computer.....

What is logging on?

logging is when you cut down trees

Where is logging happening?

logging is happeneng in the for ests

Hw old do you have to be to be a logger?

18 to work for a logging company. But to start a logging company you have to get your logging liscenes

What are the different types of logging?

There are currently three types of logging methods currently in use and they are Stem Only Harvesting (SOH) or tree-length logging, Whole Tree Logging (WTL) and finally cut-to-length logging.

Reaction about illegal logging?

reaction about illegal logging?

What is a logging bee?

A logging bee is to call someone

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Where is logging important?

logging is important in Brazil because logging is a primary industry over there because of its numerous forests

Negatives of logging?

Some of the negatives of logging include the affect of logging on the environment. Logging can destroy entire ecosystems and even cause certain species of animals to become endangered.

Benefits of legal logging?

There are quite a few benefits of logging legally. This sort of logging provides wood to people who need it.

What is logging in a forest?

Logging consists of cutting down trees, cutting them into usable lengths, and hauling them by logging truck to the sawmill.

How does logging affect the economy?

Logging increases the economy if the logs are exported.

What is the link between logging and animals?

The logging is destroying the animals homes

What were the logging limits in the amazon in 2012?

In 2012, logging in the Amazon was down to two to three percent. Logging was only to be done in parts of the rainforest that were designated. Although, the area did see its share of illegal logging.

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What season is logging most common in?

Logging goes on yearround, every season.

What does logging mean?

Logging means the cutting down of trees and taking them to a sawmill.

Caliper logging test for piles?

what is the tolerance for the caliper logging test for piles ?

What is the payload of a logging truck?

the payload is the load of logs carried by the logging truck

What animals do logging affect?

Koalas, snakes, owls, and insects are affected by logging.