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What is stronger Lortab or darvocetA500?


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Lortab is stronger Darvocet A500 only contains 100 mg of proxyphene which is prescribed for mild to moderate pain,while hydrocodone at any dose is stronger and prescribed for moderate to severe pain.As along time suffer of degenerative arthritis I am familiar and well read on any painkiller out there.i have chosen to take Darvocet because the withdrawals are no where near as bad as Lortab and darvocet A500 contains less Tylenol which is easier on your liver and allows you to supplement with otc painkillers.If you asked this question because your doctor had been prescribing Lortab and changed you to Darvocet take his advice and take the darvocet ,cause the likelihood you need anything stronger is slim and you are probably subconciously wanting to get high and you are treading on dangerous ground.