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What is structured English?

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Structured English borrows from structured programming; it uses logical constructions and imperative sentences designed to carry out instructions for action.Decisions are made through IF,THEN,ELSE and SO statements.

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What are the differences between structured English and pseudo code?

structured English resembles spoken English where as pseudocode resembles programming language

What are the disadvantages of structured English?

Structured English can be hard for a person to learn if English is their second language. There are also so many rules to learn, it can be confusing for anyone.

What is Structured Progarming language?


Difference between pseudocode and structured English?

structured English resembles spoken Englishwhere as pseudocode resembles programming languageWhat_are_the_differences_between_structured_English_and_pseudo_code

Why did English nobles create Parliament?

English nobles structured Parliament because they wanted justice in England.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of structured English that is the tool of structured analysis?

Hi there i was searching for disadvantages of structured English and came across your question, I have some advantages noted already, so thought I would shareAdvantages:Structured English is designed to be easy enough for a user who knows nothing about computer programming to be able to understand the steps involved in performing the various processes, yet the structure of the descriptions make it easy to eventually convert to a programming language.Using Structured English also means not having to worry about initialising variables, opening and closing files, or finding related records in separate files. These more technical details are left to later in the design stage.Structured English and Logic Modelling are used in conjunction with Data Flow Diagrams and other models (E-R) to provide us with an unambiguous and thorough explanation of the system specifications.Structured English is intended to be used as a communication technique for analysts and users. Analysts and programmers have their own communication technique, pseudocode, which is really an extension of the Structured English concepts except that it resembles a programming language more than spoken English.

What period are is when protein production is high?

Please state your question in structured English.

Compare formal English and informal English?

Formal English is the English written in works like essays, where it's a standardized, formal way to write it, but informal English is what I'm writing in right now, a loose, not very structured way of writing.

What the Difference between structured knowledge system and semi structured knowledge system?

Structured knowledge Systems: Systems for organizing structured knowledge in a repository where it can be accessed throughout the organization.

What is proper citation?

what would be the proper citation for the article written by kellie Jones (2005)Unmasking the myths of Structured English Immersion

How is feudal Japanese society structured?

how is feudal japanese society structured

How is riddle structured?

it is structured either by arranging wodrs or by changing the meanings

What is the worlds best structured religion?

Mormonism ftw!!!!! --- It depends on what you mean by structured, and anyone to answer would be responsible to explain why their religion is best structured.

How do you spell structured form?

That is the correct spelling of "structured form" -- synonyms for structured form may be design, arrangement, order, organization, or list.

How is Canada s parliament structured?

it is structured by monarchs,senators,and parliament members

What is The simplest structured unit of a compound?

The simplest structured unit in a compound is a molecule.

What is a structure design?

Structured Design is the process of designing the structured-oriented software.

When was The Journal of Structured Finance created?

The Journal of Structured Finance was created in 1999.

What is structured interview?

A structured interview has specific bullet points or questions that must be answered. Structured interviews are commonly used when hiring people in restaurants.

What Example of structured programming?

The examples of structured programming are ALGOL,PASCAL,PL/I... This structured programming concept later on emerged as Object Oriented Programming...

Difference between structured and unstructured decisions?

A structured answer is a conclusion of variables or facts of the matter. This way your answer has been cafefully structured . An unstructured decision is the opposite.

What is the English for the Japanese word kata?

Movement, empty mind movements, structured armed techniques. The kanji that make up the word Kata in Japanese represent 'cutting ground.' In English it is usually termed as a 'form.'

Differences between structured and unstructured questionnaire?

difference between structured and unstructured questionnaires?

What was the purpsoe of the first continental congress?

To form a more structured nation with a structured government.

How is a library structured?

a library is structured in such a way that you can see the real from the non realistic information