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What is sub and unsub on college loans?

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Subsidized and unsubsidized is what the terms "sub" and "unsub" mean on college loan applications.

Specifically, the terms describe the underlying reason for the loan. For example, the subsidized loan draws on federal money that is set aside for financially needy students. It is based on need and therefore has self-imposed limits depending upon the difference between the student's own resources or scholarship coverage and the total educational costs to be covered. In contrast, the unsubsidized loan is made available to students who are not applying because of financial need.

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How do I transfer colleges when loans are already approved for a different college?

You get new loans for yoru new college, and cancel the old loans for the old college.

Are loans and advances current assets?

Loans and advances are a sub heading of current assets.

Student loans if you transfer to a different college?

New college means new loans.

What is a sub-prime and Alt-A loan?

A sub-prime loan is a type of loan that is offered to those individuals that have poor credit histories and/or have a relatively high risk of default. Sub-prime loans tend to be costlier in terms of closing costs, fees and APRs than traditional (prime) loans. An Alt-A loan is a type of loan that is offered to those that don't qualify for prime loans, but who have a better risk profile than those in the sub-prime category. Alt-A loans are costlier than prime loans in terms of fees and APRs, however, they are not as costly as sub-prime loans.

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The meaning of subsidzed college loans for college students.?

Subsidized loans are for students that have greater financial needs as shown by the FAFSA form. They are loans that do not begin to accumulate interest until you graduate college.

What is the difference between a fed direct sub Stafford loan and a fed direct unsub Stafford loan?

A sub, or subsidized, loan is when the school pays for the interest while you're attending school as a full time student. It's somewhat of a "no interest" loan, until you stop attending school. The unsub (unsubsidized) collects interest through your school year, and after, and is closer to your typical loan.

What institutions offer sub-prime auto loans in Saskatchewan?

The Wells Fargo in Saskatchewan offered sub-prime loans at least a year ago. Check to see if they still offer them for three or five year auto loans.

What are some of the most affordable loans for college?

The most affordable loans for college come from the federal government. Many consider Stafford loans to be the optimal route and tend to have better terms that other loans.

How can one calculate their college loans?

One can calculate their college loans in several different places. Some of the places that one can calculate their college loans are: finaid, Mapping Your Future, and government student aid programs.

Where can someone go to learn more about college education loans?

You can learn about college education loans from government websites such as Student Loans and Student Aid. Other websites include CU Student Loans and Scholarships.

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What are typical college loans?

College loans can vary depending on where the college is located, how much tuition fees are at the institution, what the living costs are in the area and other factors.

Does Bank of America offer college loans?

They are not currently offering a loan that is specifially for college purposes. You can get a personal loan if you wish, but it will not be the same as other college loans.

What institutions in New York offer loans for college students?

Institutions in New York that offer loans for college students include Sallie Mae, and Wells Fargo. Other institutions that offer loans for college students include Citizen Bank and CU Student Loans.

How much will you get from federal loans for college?

Federal Stafford loans are fixed-rate student loans for undergraduate and graduate students attending college at least half-time. Stafford loans are the alternative vis private banks

What percentage of college students never pay off their loans?

Answer: I imagine that 80% of the college students fail to pay off their loans !!

How do you get college loans?

You get loans in college by filling out a FAFSA, then speaking with your financial aid office, lender, and filling out a Master Promissary Note.

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Types of loans available for college?

There are numerous types of loans available for college. It all depends on your FASFA and your elligibility. There are subsidized and unsubsidized loans available along with pell grants and scholarships.

What are 2 types of loans college students are eligible for?

Federal loans and federal grants.

Are sub primes loans available to people without equity in their home.?

Sub Prime loans are available to most anyone. However they are the loan of choice for those whose credit might not be adequate to obtain an more traditional home loan. Most times Sub Prime loans are issued at a higher interest rate or with a variable interest rate that fluxuates with the market.