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Will you name some nutritional foods?

Answer . Fruits, vegetables, whole grains (whole oats, whole wheat, whole barley, whole rye), lean protein (egg whites, lean turkey, lean chicken, soy, skim dairy products, most fish), foods high in monounsaturated fats (olive oil, canola oil, avocadoes, nuts (esp walnuts and pecans), foods high ( Full Answer )

Which are the Most nutritional foods?

the ones with the least amount of chemicals used and the least amount of retail packaging. The best foods are found at farmers markets in an area with a lot of organic farms. bleached flour isn't nearly as nutritious as whole-wheat flour. Try not to eat foods with a lot of dye in them. Also use b ( Full Answer )

How does an amoeba get nutrition from food?

Amoeba is a microphagous feeder, which means that it feeds upon small aquatic organisms like bacteria, flagellates, ciliates and minute food particles.. When a hungry Amoeba approaches to some food particle, it produces out its pseudopodia in the form of food cup which engulf the food particle by t ( Full Answer )

Are nutritional foods useful and why?

Yes...you need nutrients to live healthily, if you eat food thatis low in nurtitional value then you will become obese andunhealthy.

What are the different type of nutrition food?

Nutritional foods are foods that are made up of nutrients thatbodies need. Different types of nutritional foods are fish, milk,bread, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Food and nutrition same meaning with food nutrition?

Food is any substance, usually composed primarily of carbohydrates, fats, water and/or proteins, that can be eaten or drunk by an animal or human for nutrition or pleasure. Items considered food may be sourced from plants, animals or other categories such as fungus or fermented products like alcoho ( Full Answer )

What is the causes of under-nutrition deficiencies?

There can be many causes of malnutrition. Some common ones are.... *Eating disorder (primarily anorexia and bulimia) *Poverty, famine *Tape worm, parasites *Medical condisitons, diseases

What is the best nutrition food?

The best nutritional foods are what is called superfoods. Superfoods are foods that have shown to have a much higher nutritional value than regular foods. These superfoods have shown to aid in helping with many health concerns. The two best foods too ever eat are uncooked broccoli and fresh pin ( Full Answer )

What is food and nutrition?

For humans food is anything that can be eaten for nutrition or sustinence. Nutrition refers to the quality of food. Nutrition measures vital ingredients in food that humans require to function. Food is the things that a living thing consumes to remain alive.And nutrition is the benefit we get from ( Full Answer )

Can you suffocate?

Any living thing can suffocate. If the ability to breath or thelack or air occurs then it is very possible to suffocate and die.

5 slogans for food nutrition?

I'll start the ball rolling:. 1. a burger with pink in the middle may cause a little problem(parasites). 2. Never touch another man's Mis en place.. 3. Your mis en place reflects the state of your mind and the quality of your cooking.. 4. Be a miser with the vinegar; a spendthrift with the olive ( Full Answer )

What are the different forms of food nutrition?

different forms of food nutrition could be anything from startch to fibre. these come from different foods and some have important jobs in the body. Potatoes, Pasta and bread have a lot of startch and fibre in and so give you, the consumer lots of energy. Dairy foods such as cheese, milk, yoghurt, e ( Full Answer )

What are thesis ideas about food and nutrition?

Some good thesis ideas about food and nutrition could be about theeffects of poor quality food on the body. Another idea is to do athesis on the health problems associated with a poor diet.

What is the definition of nutritive food spoilage?

When the original nutritive value, flavor, texture of the food isdamaged, it is known as nutritive food spoilage. When this occurs,the food becomes unsuitable to consume.

What is the definition of under nutrition?

Too little energy or too few nutrients are consumed over time, causing insignificant weight loss or a nutrient deficiency disease.. Nutrition stores in the body that are depleting.. Below the body's nutrient needs.

What are the Nutritional elements of food?

Nutritional elements of food include the vitamins and minerals thatare in the foods. There may also be sugars, carbohydrates, and fatspresent.

What are the nutritional benefits of organic food?

Conventionally produced foods tend to be picked before they are ripe, processed, and stored for long times . All three ways of handling food involve chemical treatments. To ripen early picked food, chemicals are used. To give the food an attractive color, chemicals are used. To form the food in att ( Full Answer )

Is geography and food and nutrition needed?

1. Any living organism cannot live without foods. 2. A correct nutrition is good for the health. 3. Geography is important for your culture.

What is a suffocate?

There is no such thing as a "suffocate". To suffocate is a verb meaning ,to kill by preventing the access of air to the blood through the lungs or analogous organs, as gills; strangle.

What is the nutritional value of convenience foods?

They usually have lots of sugars, fats, oils, and salts; which can sometimes offer a quick boost in energy. They are not meant to be eaten daily, more for a quick snack until a larger or more nutritious meal is available.

What is the nutritional value of Italian food?

Usually very "good", as Italian food is Mediterranean Diet and it's proved that it's the healthiest diet. Italian food uses fresh products and a lot of vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and it has a good effect on health. Ana Maria da Costa http://www.all-about-italian-food.com

What nutrition is lacking in fast food?

Fast food, in general, is prepared with high fat frying. Fast food often does not include low fat dairy, vegetables, or fruits that constitute a balanced and healthy diet. It is possible to eat a mostly nutritious meal at a fast food restaurant. Order a grilled chicken sandwich, add some vegetabl ( Full Answer )

What are the food nutrition guidlines?

There are several food nutrition guidelines. The EatWise Pyramid is a new visual guide to healthy living. It emphasizes such things as a balanced diet, plenty of water, regular physical activity, and drinking alcohol (beer, wine or distilled spirits) in moderation on a daily basis. The EatWise ( Full Answer )

What kind of food do you need for nutrition?

you can eat alot of peanut butter if you do not eat meat.or you can eat eggs or alot of breads.theses are alot of good foods to eat if you are a vegatarion:)

Can food nutrition be changed from cloning?

no, they won't. cloning is the exact copying of object. nutrition from the original plant come from the specified structure of DNA, and that part will be copied as well, so it won't change from just cloning

Why the nutritional value of food are essential?

It's not just to eat because you are hungry, it's to keep the machine, the body, healthy and running. it needs certain things and by knowing the nutritional value you can compose a meal so your body doesn't miss out or you put too much crap inside of you.

What subjects needed to study nutrition?

Here are the following subjects you need to study Nutrition... - Biochemistry & Microbiology - Chemistry - Health Sciences - Nursing - Medicine - Evidence Based Practice

What is relation of food to nutrition?

Food is anything you eat for sustenance. It is broken down in the stomach and intestines then used by the body as nutrition.

Why is nutrition important when under stress?

Because nutrition gives the body fuel to help function properly, including regulating hormones that help ease stress. If the body is under further stress by starvation or lack of nutrition in some form like not enough protein or carbohydrates, that just gives it more strain to have to deal with on t ( Full Answer )

What does nutrition have to do with the food pyramid?

Each block in the food train contains certain minerals, vitamins, etc. You have to eat certain amounts of those foods (grains, vegetables, etc.) to obtain these nutrients. Even fats and sugar (but you can still choose healthy versions of those)!

What are the most nutritional foods for your cat?

Cats, being strict carnivores, are designed to eat a diet of meat. They get all their energy from Protein and Fat which is abundant in meat. A pet cat that has access to outside might hunt and eat small birds, mice, voles and other small wildlife animals. In a domestic setting, there are several ty ( Full Answer )

What is the nutritional value of fiber foods?

Eating fiber every day can only help your body. It definitely cannot hurt you. One of the benefits of eating fiber is that it softens your stool and shortens the time it takes for food to pass through your intestinal tract.

What is over nutrition and under nutrition?

Over nutrition is when you eat too many calories and under nutrition is when you don't eat enough. Malnutrition means you're eating enough calories but aren't getting the right amounts of required vitamins and nutrients.

Why do packaged foods have a nutrition label?

Because it is a legal requirement. It is for the one who eat carefully On the another to answer is letting you know the value of carloly you had eaten

What food contain nutrition?

All foods contain nutrition, but the type of nutrients depends on the type of food, for example meats contain proteins.

How do you get nutrition food?

Nutrition food is important because it is even used as medicine and are better then junk food as well.

What is under nutrition and why is it also bad?

A person is said to be malnourished or under nourished if he or she is not getting enough of all the various nutrients needed for good health. This is obviously a bad thing since it leads to bad health.