What is sugar solution?

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A sugar solution is a liquid (usually water) that has sugar dissolved in it.

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Is sugar a solution?

No, sugar is not a solution. Sugar water is a solution of sugar and water, but sugar itself is not.

How can you get back sugar from sugar solution?

can we get the sugar back from a sugar solution

What is a sugar solution?

Sugar dissolved in water is a sugar solution.

How sugar is separate from a sugar solution?

Sugar is separated from a sugar solution by evaporation.

Is sugar solution a colloid?

Sugar solution is not a colloid.

Is sugar solution is electrolyte or not?

Sugar solution is not an electrolyte.

What is the sugar in an sugar and water solution?

In a water solution sugar is the solute.

What is the effect of sugar solution on turmeric solution?

when sugar solution is added to turmeric solution , it turns yellow.

Is sugar and water a solution?

Yes, sugar and water mixed together are considered a solution. Sugar water is a solution because the sugar dissolves into the water.

When sugar is added to a sugar solution the sugar dissolves. Which term describes the original sugar solution?

The original solution would be termed "unsaturated".

Is sugar solution a compound or mixture?

Sugar solution is a mixture.

Are vinegar and sugar a solution?

No sugar is a solute but vinegar is a solution.

What is the solution of a water and sugar mixture?

A water sugar solution !

Is sugar a hypertonic solution?

yes, sugar solution is a hypertonic solution. when sugar plus water, it is hypotonic. i think so :p

Is sugar a solute or solvent solution?

sugar is solute, water is solvent, sugar+water=Solution

Is sugar in water a solution?

Yes, it is a solution. Dissolved sugar in water is an example of Homogeneous solution.

Is sugar solution a mixture?

Yes. Sugar solution is a homogeneous mixture.

Is a solution of sugar and water heterogeneous?

Solution of water and sugar is homogeneous

How can you separate salt and sugar from the water?

The solution of salt is not as the solution of sugar

Can sugar be obtained from a sugar solution by heating the sugar solution and evaporating the water explain?

Yes - the sugar doesn't evaporate.

What will happen if adds sugar to saturated solution?

if sugar is added to a saturated solution then the solution will become a super saturated solution

What part of a solution would added sugar be?

Sugar solution would be the solution.Water would be the solvent.Added sugar would be the SOLUTE.

Is a sugar solution an acid or base?

As termed, Sugar SOLUTION. Here solution means that sugar is added to water and thus, is soluble in it, hence, it is an alkaline. Alkaline means it is a base. Therefore, Sugar Solution is a base.

Do water and sugar make an electrolyte solution?

Water sugar solution is not an electrolyte because sugar is not dissociated.

When some water evaporates from a sugar solution the solution becames...?

The solution become more concentrated in sugar.