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What is super economy class?

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super economy class is a mid-ranged product between economy and business class. it was designed to give you a better flight for around the price of economy. super economy offers better features such as extra legroom, seats are wider and there is more seat recline. the meal and beverage service, however, is the same or very similar to that served in economy class.

the super economy class was introduced because air travel companies were hard up and needed something to increase their profits and give them more customers. this provided both although only in America, Europe and Scandinavia. however some airlines have deigned this new style of flight as costly and unneccesary and have abolished it within their companies and stuck to economy. there are several opinions on the new sysytem and all of them have a degree of credibility. the fact, is that super economy will only work with the airlines that market it right.

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How was the us economy in the 1920s?

It was super super super super bad.

What are the classes on a plane?

economy, premium economy, business class and sometimes first class

How do you invoke an overwritten super class from the sub class?


Why we use super in java?

super is a keyword in java.uses of super are: is used to call super class constructor. 2.It is used to call a method of super class that is hidden by sub-class.

Why constructors calls its super class constructor?

The constructor for a class needs to call the constructor for the super class because otherwise the members of a super class would never get instantiated/initialized.

What portions of a super class can be used by subclass?

All portions of the super class that are not private can be used by the subclass. Public and protected methods and variables in a super class are available to the sub class.

What is the difference between super and this in java?

1)"this" refers to the current class where as "super" refers directly to its immediate above super class. 2)private variables cannot be accessed in a inherited class by using "this",where as by using "super" we can easily access the private variables in its super class.

Is the least expensive class of airline service?

Economy class.

Is inheritence in java only based on super class and sub class?

Yes. Inheritance is achieved by using the super class and sub class concept

How is a constructor in the super class called?

By using the reference super(); When you invoke super(); the JVM knows that you are trying to invoke the constructor from the parent class and calls the super class constructor automatically. In fact, the invocation to super(); is usually the first line of any class constructor. This is done to ensure that all the parent class objects are initialized before the current child class is created.

What class is class t on an airplane?

Class "T" generally means "Economy Fare"

What does the Java keyword super mean?

super keyword is used for two reasons: 1. To Call the super class or base class constructor 2.To call super class methods. If you don't create constructor in a class...Java automatically put for you. Always remember..that the first statement in derived class constructor must be a call to super or this.

Difference between this and super keywords in java?

this is a reference to the current classsuper is a reference to the super class of the current class (the class from which this class extends). You can use super.super if you want to access the second level class. (The class your parent class extends) The purpose of having thisand super keywords is to differentiate between methods and variables in classes that may have the same name as that in the parent class. Under such situations if we want to ensure that only the methods from a particular class only gets called we can use this and super.

Why are business class airline tickets designated J class?

First ClassR SupersonicP First Class PremiumF First ClassA First Class DiscountedBusiness ClassJ Business Class PremiumC Business ClassD, I, Z Business Class DiscountedEconomy/Coach ClassW Economy/Coach PremiumS, Y Economy/CoachB, H, K, L, M, N, Q, T, V, X Economy/Coach Discounted

What is the Difference in v class and t class of economy class air travel?

Basically both classes are with in Economy but in different cabin, where in fare differs, in V class the fare will be lesser then T class and rows are in back.

Can a super class varialble can reference a subclass object in java?

No. Because, what is the guarantee that when the super class code is being executed there will always be a sub class? But, the other way round - sub class object accessing a super class variable is possible because, if a sub class uses inheritance to extend from another class, then it is 100% sure that the parent class is going to be around. So a sub class can access the super class variable.

How much weight allow for Karachi from riyadh via saudiarabain airline economy class?

50 kg for economy class passenger

What class drug is canibis?

economy class u smoke it on a plane

What is class H on china eastern flights?

Class H = Economy

What is object class in java?

object class is a super class for all other class...

What is the difference between business class airfare and economy?

The difference is probably going to be a few hundred hundred dollars. Business class is generally first class while economy class are the cheap seats.

What is the difference from 4th class in Ireland to an American class?

There isn't such a thing as 4th class anywhere in the Uk or Ireland....if we are talking plane travel then there are 1st class, business and economy (in the USA economy is coach)

Which is the super class of all java class?


How can you access the super class variables with out any object creation?

Variables of the super class can be accessed using the super keyword. Here is an example. class A { int a; } class B extends A { int a; public B() { super.a = 5; } }

What are the applications of super and this keyword?

The super and this keywords are mainly used in case of inheritance. this - refers to the object of the current class instance super - refers to the object of the instance of the parent class of the current class.