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What is super economy class?


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September 13, 2011 6:09PM

super economy class is a mid-ranged product between economy and business class. it was designed to give you a better flight for around the price of economy. super economy offers better features such as extra legroom, seats are wider and there is more seat recline. the meal and beverage service, however, is the same or very similar to that served in economy class.

the super economy class was introduced because air travel companies were hard up and needed something to increase their profits and give them more customers. this provided both although only in America, Europe and Scandinavia. however some airlines have deigned this new style of flight as costly and unneccesary and have abolished it within their companies and stuck to economy. there are several opinions on the new sysytem and all of them have a degree of credibility. the fact, is that super economy will only work with the airlines that market it right.