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What is super effective against Spiritomb in Diamond?


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The only way I know of to get a super effective hit on spiritomb is to have a Pokemon use foresight on it and then attack it with a fight type move.

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nothing is super effective against spiritomb and sableye

Spiritomb has no super effective weaknesses.

You should choose palkia or dialga or a spiritomb as nothing is super effective against it. Hope i helped. You should choose palkia or dialga or a spiritomb as nothing is super effective against it. Hope i helped.

I would have to say spiritomb because nothing is super effective on it. p.s spritomb is not a legendary,but some people say he is

Dark, Ghost and Bug (such as Umbreon, Spiritomb, Shadow Ball, Silver Wind) are super effective Pokémon or Pokémon attacks against Mewtwo.

ít's pokemon, there is no explanation for that. just deal with the fact that fighting is super effective against rock type pokemon

Spiritomb is Dark and Ghost type. Under normal conditions, there are no moves that are super effective against it, since Ghosts cannot be hit by Fighting type moves.However, if Foresight, Odor Sleuth etc. is used, the Fighting type becomes super effective.Under normal conditions, Spiritomb is resistant to attacks of the Poison type, and completely unaffected by Normal, Fighting and Psychic type moves.

Just hit it with super powerful moves and hope for the best.

Dragon is only super effective against drragon

Dark is super effective against Psychic and Ghost

Flying and Psychic are super effective against fighting

Flying and psychic are super effective against fighting.

Fire is super effective against bug, grass, and steel

Lightning is super effective against water. I hope this helps.

Ghost & Flying. I believe that's it! Not dark or bug because although they're super-effective against Psychic, they are not-effective against Fighting. And not Psychic, because though it's super-effective against Fighting, it's not-effective against Psychic.

Dark Pokemon, with the exception of a few, including, but not restricted to Spiritomb, Sableye, Drapion, and Honchcrow, are all weak against Bug- Type and Fighting-Type moves.

Water and Grass attacks are super effective against Onix.

psychic pokemons and attacks are super effective

Steel is super effective against rock type pokemon.

Bug Type and Fighting Type moves are super effective against it.

Rock, electric, ice, and psychic types are super effective against Crobat.

skorupi is a bug type so fire and flying will be super effective against it

Bug types are super effective against Dark, Grass and Psychic (x2) in Generation II-onward. In Generation I, they were super effective against Grass, Poison and Psychic.

fighting, fire, rock and steel are super effective against ice. fighting, grass, ground, steel and water are super effective against rock.

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