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A superscalar CPU architecture implements a form of parallelism on a single chip, thereby allowing the system as a whole to run much faster than it would otherwise be able to at a given clock speed.

In normal scalar CPU, ideally one instruction is dispatched per cycle so atmost one instruction can be completed in a give cycle. In SuperScalar Architecture, more than one say "m" instructions are dispatched and they are executed in parellel with extra hardware ( functinal units) there by more than one instruction can be completed in a given cycle.

The fastness of the Superscalar is theory is "m" times the scalar but in practically, it will be much less because of the different types of dependencies and branch operations.

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What is a superscalar CPU?

A processor architecture in which the processor can execute multiple instructions (typically two or four) per instruction cycle

Why does a superscalar architecture consumes more power compared to VLIW?

A superscalar architecture requires an on-board hardware scheduler which typically runs at twice the clock frequency and consumes a large amount of power. In contrast, VLIW scheduling is done by the compiler and no hardware scheduler is required therefore the power requirements tend to be lower.

When did superscalar begin?

the age of the dinosaurs

What is a technique in which each processor or core works on a different job?

The technique in which each processor or core works on a different job is called superscalar CPU architecture. This technique creates a faster CPU speed through the processor.

What are the differences between generation of computers?

vacuum tubesdiscrete transistorsICsmicroprocessorsmulticore superscalar microprocessors

What type of CPU is an Intel Pentium III processor?

The Intel Pentium III is a 32-bit superscalar processor.

What is difference between scalar and super scalar processor?

Differences between scalar and superscalar processors generally boil down to quantity and speed. A scalar processor, considered to be the simplest of all processors, works on one or two computer data items at a given time. The superscalar processor works on multiple instructions and several groups of multiple data items at a time. Scalar and superscalar processors both function the same way in terms of how they manipulate data, but their difference lies in how many manipulations and data items they can work on in a given time. Superscalar processors can handle multiple instructions and data items, while the scalarprocessor simply cannot, therefore making the former a more powerful processor than the latter. Scalar and superscalar processors both have some similarities with vector processors. Like ascalar processor, a vector processor also executes a single instruction at a time, but instead of just manipulating one data item, its single instruction can access multiple data items. Similar with the superscalar processor, a vector processor has several redundant functional units that let it manipulate multiple data items, but it can only work on a single instruction at a time. In essence, a superscalar processor is a combination of a scalar processor and a vector processor.

What technique that allows a single processor to simultaneously process multiple instructions?

Superscalar Page 262 in Operating Sysetm Book

What is the client server architecture?

what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture? what is client server architecture?

Comparision between superscaler and super pipelined processor?

Superscalar machines execute regular sequential programs. The programmer is unaware of the parallelism.

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List the different types of super scalar processor?

Superscalar processors have a main processor that can take only one command at a time. It has direct connections to the secondary systems of the processor that feeds information right into subsystems to execute specific commands and output information separate. There is only one type of superscalar processor but there are scalar processors and vector processors.

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What is essential characteristic of the super scalar approach to processor design?

The essence of the superscalar approach is the ability to execute instructions independently and concurrently in different pipelines

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