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Surveying? land surveying is the measurment of land. land surveyors measure and mark property lines and create legal descriptions of property to establish deeds of land for official records.


it is art of determining the relative positions of distinctive points on,above or beneath the surface of the earth, by means of measurement of distances, directions and elevations.

AnswerIn the academic world general introductory courses are often called "Survey" courses. For example, "English Literature Before 1900" or "History of European Art" would be survey courses. . . the subject is so broad that only a general overview, or survey, can be taught. Non-survey courses would be more limited in scope, such as "Violence in Shakespear's Plays" or "Italian Baroque Art."
survey means lines measurement & it is the art of determining the relative positions of points on,above or beneath the surface of the earth. written by Debashish Biswas
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Q: What is surveying?
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Different types of compass in the field of surveying?

prismatic surveying and surveying compass.

Types of surveying in civil engineering?

Plain Surveying Geodetical Surveying

What is the difference between geomatics and land surveying?

geomatics differ with surveying in that it encompasses a broad range of disciplines than surveying,let alone surveying is a discipline under geomatics

What is the principle of compass surveying?

The principle of compass surveying is traversing.

What has the author Philip Kissam written?

Philip Kissam has written: 'Surveying for civil engineers' -- subject(s): Surveying 'Surveying practice' -- subject(s): Surveying

What is chain surveying?

chain surveying is the branch of surveying in which only linear measurement are made in field. none of angular measurement are taken.

Explain types of surveying?

Land surveying is mapping out land for land development. Hydrographic surveying is mapping bodies of water. Engineering is a type of surveying that has to do with buildings roads and other man made things.

What was an act on surveying western territories?

an act on surveying western territories

Why can you say surveying is an art and science?

why you say surveying is an art and science

What are thee main objects of compass surveying?

what are the main objects of compass surveying

Types of surveying?

1. Plane surveying. 2. Geodetic surveying. The surveying in which the curvature of the earth is not considered is called plane surveying. The surveying in which the curvature of earth is taken into account is called geodetic survey. for very large area surveys such as national boundary survey, laying national highways geodetic survey is carried out.

What does the job chartered surveying entail?

The job of chartered surveying is very diverse. It is basically surveying for and dealing with anything relating to property,buildings and built environments. It includes surveying for faults, valuing property, advising on building and planning issues.

A sentence for surveyor?

This is for surveying: He was surveying the house, thinking about if he should buy it or not. =)

What is the conclusion of traverse in surveying civil engineering?

With transverse in surveying civil engineering, less organization and reconnaissance are needed. This method of surveying is used to establish the control network.

What has the author William David Pence written?

William David Pence has written: 'A manual of field and office methods for use of students in surveying' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Surveying 'Surveying Manual ; a Surveying'

What is traverse serveying?

Traverse surveying is a method that is used to establish control networks in the surveying field. This method of surveying involves placing survey stations along a path of travel.

What has the author Thomas Fenwick written?

Thomas. Fenwick has written: 'Subterraneous surveying with and without the magnetic needle' -- subject(s): Surveying, Tables, Mine surveying

What is the definition of engineering surveying?

ASCE Policy Statement 333 - Definition of Engineering Surveying, 2010.

When was Magnetic Surveying in Archaeology - book - created?

Magnetic Surveying in Archaeology - book - was created in 2008.

What is the sentence of surveying?

George Washington taught himself the trade of surveying when he was a teenager.Surveying the damage after the tornado was heartbreaking.A team arrived to verify the surveying that was done the year before.

How do you use the word surveying in a sentence?

Emilio was out surveying a new plot of land when he got bit by the snake. Officials started surveying the damage promptly after the storm passed. Candidates spent a lot of money surveying voters before the election.

What is a surveying camera?

a watchful camera

Why surveying is known as artscience?


2009 surveying - 1 Anna university question paper?

surveying i third semester question paper

land surveying schools in Palm Beach County?

The University of Florida offers classes in land surveying.