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The sutras are part of the three collections of the Buddha's teachings (Vinaya, Sutra and Abhidharma).

Sutra refers to discourses that the Buddha gave. The sutras primarily relate to the topic of meditation. The Sanskrit word "sūtra" literally means "something that was heard from someone else".

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Where are all the sutras contained?

The Pali Samyukta Nikaya is the repository for all of the Buddhist sutras. In this collection there are over 2,800 sutras.

How many sutras in Buddhism?

In the Tipitika, there are about 17,000 suttas (sutras). In the Tripitika (the Mahayana canon), there are many thousands more.

Is there an accepted canon of sutras across Buddhism or within the sects?

Yes, an accepted canon of sutras in Buddhism is the Mahayana sutra.

Who was Patanjali?

==new answer== His writings are considered the science of yoga. These sutras have been interpreted in language of mind and explained for us by Dr. Daniel Condron in his book " Laungage of the soul, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The sutras outline the steps to enlightenment.

What is the language of Buddhist sutras?

Its in Pali and Sanskrit

Language of Buddhist sutras?

Its in Pali and Sanskrit

What is one thing Hinduism has that Buddhism has?


What do the followers call their sciptures for Buddhism?


What religion worships the buddah?

No religion because Buddhists are supposed to learn from buddah yet not worship him. False forms of Buddhism follow false teachings called sutras. There are many sutras and some attempt to get people to worship Buddha, though the sutras are not teachings of Buddha.

What is the literature of Buddhism?

The Gitas, the Vedas, the Sutras, the Upanishads.

How many sutra are there in astanga yoga?

There are 196 sutras

Which religious texts claim to reveal the words of the Buddha?

The sutras

Where did bookbinding originated?

Bookbinding originated in India for religious sutras.

What is the first book on geometry in Indian history?

Shulba Sutras

Are the sulbha sutras made during the indus valley civilization?


What name is given to buddha's teachings for us to remember them?


Is there an accepted method of exigesis of the sutras in Buddhism?

While there isn\'t a generally accepted method of exegesis of the sutras in Buddhism, most of the accepted commentaries come from patriarchs or other important figures.

What is an ashtanga?

An ashtanga is a classical system described by Panatanjali in the Yoga sutras.

What has the author JN Bhasin written?

J.N Bhasin has written: 'Astro sutras'

What are some personal creeds of famous people?

gandhi-sutras nehru-brahmin

What was 1 rule disciribed in the sutras from years ago in Hindu?

Different people will take different sutras as Rule 1. For me, it is: "Paropakaram punyaya, papaya parapeedanam" (Helping others is merit, causing pain to others is sin)

What is the sacred writing of buddism?

It is not sutras, because people put what they wanted in there even when it was inaccurate.

What are the Mahayana scriptures known as..2 word answer?

Mahayana scriptures are known as Sutras.

What has the author Badarayana written?

Badarayana. has written: 'Vedanta Sutras' -- subject(s): Brahmanism

Which ancient Indian mathematical work deals with geometry and in particular the construction of alters?

salva sutras