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Stephanie Rice favorite is green

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What is Stephanie Rice's eye color?

what colour is stephanie rices eyes?

What is Stephanie Rice's favorite color?

Stephanie rice is favourite is green

Who is Stephanie DeMarco?

Laney DeMarco is 11 with blond hair and her favorite color is purple.

What are SNSD 's favorite color?

Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon) Favorite color: Light Blue, Purple-Blue,yellowJessica (Jung Sooyeon) Favorite color: WhiteSunny (Lee Sun Kyu) Favorite color: GreenTiffany (Stephanie Hwang) Favorite color: PinkHyoyeon (Kim Hyoyeon) Favorite color: GreenYuri (Kwon Yuri) Favorite color: BlueSooyoung (Choi Sooyoung) Favorite color: PinkYoona (Im Yoona) Favorite color: BlueSeohyun (Seo Joohyun) Favorite color: White

What color is naiad?

a naiad is a female swimmer

What is Stephanie Rice's favourite color?

Stephanie Rice's favorite colour is green because it is unusual and different from other people, green can be translated into an aura showing that Stephanie Rice is a calm, sensitive person with lots of happiness that she shares with all around her.

What was Louise braille favorite color?

he did not have a favorite

What was dr.seuss favorite color?

Dr. Suess' favorite color was purle.

What' Big Time Rush's favorite color?

Logan's Favorite Color is Black Kendall's Favorite Color is Green James's Favorite Color is Green Carlos's Favorite Color is Purple

What Zendaya Colman favorite color?

Her favorite color is pink

What is Cher's favorite color?

red is her favorite color red is her favorite color

What is Josh Hutchersons favorite color?

His favorite color is red.

What is The Rock's favorite color?

The Rock's favorite color is Dark Green

What has the author Stephanie Norris written?

Stephanie Norris has written: 'Secrets of Color Healing'

Whats trey songz favorite color?

blue is his favorite color

What is favorite color of Ariana Grande?

Her favorite color is pasties

What is Adam Lambert favorite color?

His favorite color is Black his second favorite color is Blue:)

What is Taylor swift's third favorite color?

My third favorite color is purple what's yours? --------------------------------------------------------- My favorite color is red, my second favorite color is white, and I don't have a third favorite color! Hehe!

What is ro royals favorite color?

Roc Royal's favorite color is black Rayray's favorite color is purple. Prodigy's favorite color is red Princeton's favorite color is gree. Hope this helped!

What is Cupid's favorite color and favorite food?

Cupid's favorite color is red (the color of love), and his favorite food is chocolate.

What is James Maslow's favorite color?

Favorite Color: GreenJames Maslow's favorite color is Green

What is Keven Jonas' favorite color?

Keven's favorite color is green. Joe's favorite color is NOT green like in Camp Rock, Joe's favorite color is royal red Nick's favorite color is blue.

Why is the color blue Justin biebers favorite color?

Justin Bieber's favorite color is not blue. His favorite color is purple. :D

Selena favorite color?

what is mrindas favorite color

What was Beethovens Favorite Color?

his favorite color is green.