What is sympathetic magic and what is contagious magic?

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Sympathetic magic, also known as imitative magic, is a type of magic based on imitation or correspondence. Imitation involves using effigies to affect the environment of people, or occasionally people themselves. Correspondence is based on the idea that one can influence something based on its relationship to another thing.

Contagious magic comes from the belief that after a person has had contact with certain things, they will continue to influence that person. Common examples of contagious magic involve things like fingernails or hair that someone has lost. If you damage a person's fingernail, the person who lost the fingernail should be affected.
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What is magic?

A Pagan Perspective Magic is the manipulation of naturally occurring powers by the hand and will of a studied practitioner . Magic is neither good nor bad (white nor black), it simple exists. It is the use it is put to that gives it its perceived polarity. Magic abounds, it is everywhere, in ( Full Answer )

How do you do magic?

Find someone who can teach you and show them that you truly want to learn for the sake of magic. Then practise constantly and build experience in doing the spell or trick.

Is magic real if you believe in magic?

Yes, magic is all around us, the first thing you have to do is believe. Answer #2: Believing has nothing to do with it. 'Magic is the Art and Science of causing change to occur in conformity with Will'. Only the realm in which the Will operates changes. You don't have to believe that adding b ( Full Answer )

Can you get magic?

Several people do say that magic is real but i don't think so. I am sorry to hurt you if you do believe in magic but what is the use even if it is real? if magic is real,you may use it to bring rain, fetch things, powerfully guard your house etc and you may have what you want in an interesting way b ( Full Answer )

How can you do magic?

Magic comes from within thyself...It flows in and out of all living things..You just have to have the strong will power to call it. I would think of it more like a form of energy, techniques like visualization ask you to see it inside yourself, and rather than force it, simply watch it happen. It's ( Full Answer )

What is Sympathetic contagious magic and whitchcraft?

Sympathetic Magic is a term which is used to describe magic of "likes". ie. you want to pay a debt, you use a cheque in your spell, made out in the full amount of the debt or you use seeds to "grow" a wish. I have never encountered contagious magic. Witchcraft is in part, but not exclusively, th ( Full Answer )

How do they do magic?

They use the creativity and talent The point of magic is that you actually don't freaking how the foodthey are doing it.

How do you get a magic?

to summon a dragon say this:dragon kin come and go,. come and aid me here below.. serpents one and serpents all,. come and heed my dragon call!.. FLAMMIFAX! ARFAX! ORFAX!. MINIFLAX! MAGNIFLAX! THORFLAX!.. three times.

Why are magic mushrooms magic?

"Magic Mushrooms" is a slang term for a type of drug made from -you guessed it- mushrooms. They are called magic because of the hallucinagenic properties that they have. -Dragonheart91* There is more than one type of psycoactive mushroom, but 'magic mushrooms' usually refer to ones containing the h ( Full Answer )

Are magic eight balls magic?

No, magic eight balls are just black balls with a little cylinder like hole in the back with a small pyramid with words and blue dye in it. It's just luck that your question to the eight ball turns out right...not magic. You can buy Magic eight balls in many toy shops.

How do you get magic?

Magick is a birthright; you just need to tap into it. The first thing you should know before you try it is this: Magick isn't like what you see magicians do on TV, making things disappear. Magick is more like…sending energies out into the universe and the universe responding. For example, s ( Full Answer )

The magic is there?

yes it's therer but you need to tap into it. the power inside you will burst if you don't use something that is technology it's comlecated.

Why are the Orlando magic named the magic?

A contest sponsored by Orlando Magic team officials and the local Orlando Sentinel newspaper allowed the community to suggest names for their new franchise. The contest of a total of 4,296 submitted entries subsequently narrowed the names to the "Heat", the "Tropics", the "Juice" and the "Magic". On ( Full Answer )

How you can do magic?

you have put this in the wrong section, Orlando magic is the name of the basketball team

Why is magic Johnson called magic?

The night before any major game the Lakers had Earvin Johnson would help put the team's minds at ease by performing a magic show. This was a good way to calm everyones nerves and the name then just stuck with him. He also formally changed his name to Magic Johnson. That, or it was his passing, dri ( Full Answer )

What is Sympathetic Magic and who when and how is it done?

\n. \nSympathetic magic-like breeds like is a sort of primitive religious practice and has nothing to do with (magic) as a showtime thing, or an entertainment device. for example the largely disproved pseudo-science of Pluviculture or rain-making so-called modern rainmakers used various sound devic ( Full Answer )

Where do you get magic wands that really do magic?

Magic wands do not have any power beyond the belief of the user in them. They may be used by practitioners as part of magic spells or conjuring that have only subjective influence. Non-believers and scientific skeptics may ignore their use. You cannot. They are not real. It is pure fiction.

What is sympathetic magic with regards to religion and give examples?

Sympathetic magic are icons, or imitations, such as the voodoo doll. You poke a needle in a joint, and that is supposed to cause pain in the intended victim's joint. Cargo cults in the Pacific, after WWII, built mock airstrips and airports in the hope of getting the planes to return. In religion, ( Full Answer )

How To Do Magic?

Here's a spell for you, you can now turn into a pokemon. I'm not sure if it'll work. You will need A toy regular pokeball with plush of your pokemon red, black and white candles Pokemon game cases, pokemon toys, pokemon plush, etc. Photo of the pokemon you want to be Casting: Place t ( Full Answer )

How do I do magic?

First, it's not magic, it's all illusions, so you wan't to look up how to do magic tricks, you got to get most of the basic tricks down, then you go to the better stuff, but to get to the better stuff you gotta learn the basics, or the tricks are going to be real complicated. There is no magic, it's ( Full Answer )

Who does magic?

Magic is a form of energy part of a universe system and has been that way for years and maybe more,magic can be used for the good and the wicked of times only people who are:openminded,true to them self,have hope,and a strong will,and have knowledge of magic/witchcraft and how it really works then t ( Full Answer )

How do you be magic?

If you want to be magic you have to sit down for a very long timeand hum

Why are you magic?

because i was born magic everybody has a little magic in them i have alot well that's why we are magic

How can you do a magic?

you need a pencil and some magic and poof all done. ideally you should train as an apprentice.

Who sings the song-magic magic magic?

Those with large memory. songmajic comes from the heart of all things. it is the communion of all earthly consciousness. practice by talking to trees. Er... ^ wut I thought that was part of the Sooty Show?

Can you put magic in a magic wand?

yes Wands, like staffs, stangs, swords and other such tools are used to focus the power of the practitioner's mind (the only true tool one needs to practice magic). Certain woods, metals and stones are believed to have an affinity to certain types of magic, making it easier for the practitioner t ( Full Answer )

How can I get magic?

You cannot 'get' magic, magic is born into you, much like your hair color. i love this this is why, wicca and paganism are still trying to find themselves.... getting magic(k) is growing an awareness of the energy and designs that attract to you, without this your as clueless as those about you ( Full Answer )

How can you get magic?

Magic is not real. It is just people with tricks. Thank you ... from Magic is not real but you can go to St. Augustine and at st. George street there is a huge magic shop with lots of stuff for cheap prices! Thank You Peace030

What is the difference between magic and magical?

Magic is the noun, magical is the adjective. For example I am magic is very similar to the sentence I have magical powers. magic(k) is the awareness and or actual use of the connection to this artistry, it is more then a simple object but a system to more objective actions magic(k)al is that wh ( Full Answer )

Who is ''magic''?

Magic is the son of Steven and Amy Patricks. His parents were too lazy to think up a proper name and so they decided to name him the first word that came to mind, in this case it was magic. In 1986 however, he legally got his name changed to Peter due to other kids teasing him about it. At that tim ( Full Answer )

How do you get a elf-magic?

you put chocolate under a box and put an pencil up to hold the box up it works all season if you believe it takes as long as it needs

Is magic part owner of magic?

I'm afraid your question makes no sense. Please could you rephrase it? I believe you asked if magick is part of it's owner, so that is the question I'll try to answer: Yes, magick is part of it's owner. Magick is a birthright.

Where is a black magic yellow magic and a blue magic?

Black magic and green magic and yellow magic, etc:- are justtricks. To work it out you need 2 persons. Both of them must knowthe trick. The spectator tells in '1''s ears any object that isnear you (example computer). '1' asks '2' if it is a wardrobe.(blue wardrobe) 2 will say no. 1 will continue on ( Full Answer )

What is the magic in the magic circle game?

Probably something to do with the prpose of the ritual game.. A bit of brainwashing ect...mayby some funky hallucinations.?..the atmosphere changing? a blow of the brain? lol hmmm? still wanna do it do ya? feel all magical? feel like your specila hmmm? Like a star? na it has bad after effects

What can be magical?

"Magical" can refer to any person, thing, or idea that is of supernatural backgrounds and deals with paranormal activity that cannot otherwise be done by the everyday human.

Why can not we have magic?

We can, and do. Many worldwide practice magick; the use/manipulation of energies to change something. Everyone has magick inside them; the key is knowing how to use it. And I don't mean throwing fire balls or freezing time, I mean using energy to affect change. Change is the only constant in life; ( Full Answer )

Is there magic in science or science in magic?

Quantum Physics and Parapsychology would be the areas of science that would address issues commonly associated with "magic", including parallel universes, extradimensional beings, "mind over matter", out of body experiences, etc.

Can do magic?

yes i know a lot of magic. criss angel teaches you on tv and live

How can you be magic?

I have a magic trick for you, where it looks like the stylus is going right through your stomach! here's how you do it: . get a Nintendo 3ds stylus. . pull up your t shirt. . make sure the stylus is fully extended. . put the sharp end of the stylus in your belly button, being careful not to hu ( Full Answer )

Why is magic called magic?

1. The modern view : the root of the Indian word 'magia (mageacx)': word that means"fraud. " The modern view is mentioned in many books of modern Church. 2. The older view : read 'man kea (man kea) ' in ancient Aramaic. These words mean"spiritual empowerment. " .

Are magic eight balls magical?

If you trust your intuition - yes!! Try free iPhone app Yes/No oracle in iStore that is just same as Magic 8 Ball.

How do you magic?

magic is described in different ways you have telekinesis, telepathy, simple garden spells the list goes on but all of them will start the same way you must prepare yourself. what i do is i tense up just a little starting with my feet and progressively to my hands if i wanted to do telepathy then i ( Full Answer )

Where do you get magic?

You get magic by believing really hard. I believed and now I'm a witch (no joke)

Do elf magic elves have magic?

Of course! Elves peek through windows and fly. When they look through windows and you turn where they are looking they are invisible. So they do have magic.

How did magic do?

It did pretty well in 2005 in fact it went magnificent because it was such a hit. There were lots of magnificent

Why do we call magic magic?

It shares the same root as "magus," a member of a priestly caste ofancient Persia. The plural of "magus" is "magi," as in the three"wise men" who brought gifts to the infant Jesus. Superstitions ofthe time held that learned men could be sorcerers, owing to thehuman trait to fear that which we don't ( Full Answer )