What is synthetic medicine?

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synthetic medicine is as opposed to herbal or other remedies, it means man made. the reason synthetic medicine became so popular was because it could be made consistantly, with the same product every time, where as with herbal remedies can vary.
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What happens if your thyroid glands are removed and you take no synthetic thyroid medicine?

You can get what is known as Mexadema and it can lead to death as the thyroid controls metabolic functions. You must replace the thyroid hormones that your body is not now producing. . They thyroid hormones are directly involved with the metabolism of the whole body. Excessive or reduced amounts ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice is a polymer-based ice skating surface. It is a type of plastic that takes slightly more effort to skate on it than real ice. But, if you're skating on a high-quality modern synthetic ice surface, the difference is very slight. Advances in synthetic ice have improved it greatly over th ( Full Answer )

What is medicine?

Dictionary.com defines medicine as " noun 1. any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy. 2. the art or science of restoring or preserving health or due physical condition, as by means of drugs, surgical operations or appliances, or manipulations: often div ( Full Answer )

What are Synthetic polymers?

Synthetic polymers are chemicals made by rearranging the structure of existing molecules, especially large molecules containing carbon. The molecular chains (monomers) that make up organic molecules can be artifically strung together to create materials such as plastics, neoprene rubber, nylon and r ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic geometry?

It´s geometry without metric (ruler, protractor, scales etc). Just with pure geometrical contents. Ex.: questions about planes or lines intersecting points, lines intersecting planes etc are incidence synthetic geometrical questions. Parts of the Elements of Euclid are synthetic. Hilbert's ( Full Answer )

What are synthetic elements?

Sythetic elements are those with half lifes to small to be found in nature, they are manmade and generally fairly unstable. The synthetic elements are: All elements with atomic numbers 1 through 98 are naturally occurring at least in trace quantities, but the following elements are usually produc ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic rubber?

It is rubber made by man. There are a number of types so I suggest you look at the related links. Styrene- Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is common but there are many others.

What are synthetic fibers?

Synthetic fibres are man-made fibres that come from chemical resources. Synthetic fibres are continuous filament fibres so that means that the fibres come in long lengths and so it doesn't have to be spun out into yarn. Synthetic fibres are manufactured using plant materials and minerals: viscose co ( Full Answer )

Which element is synthetic?

There are a number of synthetic elements. And a few that are what is called quasi-synthetic. The synthetic ones aren't found in nature. And it could be said that the quasi-synthetic ones are found in nature in only the barest trace amounts.. The nice folks at Wikipedia have posted a comprehensive l ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic?

Synthetic refers to any material made from non natural sources. This means that a product such as cloth is made from a chemical source rather than the fibers produced by nature. Cotton, linen, and rubber are natural sources for clothing production. Rayon, nylon, and plastics are chemical compounds w ( Full Answer )

What do medicines do to you?

medicine helps us feel better! But every medicine have side effects.Have you ever heard about holistic medicine. holistic medicine is a health care system that promotes a cooperative relationship between all involved individuals. This process should lead to physical, mental, emotional, social a ( Full Answer )

What is a synthetic narcotic?

These are narcotics that are made inside a laboratory. They caninclude pain medications and other medicines that are approved bythe FDA.

What are synthetic metals?

Scientists make synthetic elements by forcing nuclear particles to crash into one another. ex) plutonium is made by bombarding nuclei of Uranium-238 with neutrons ina nuclear reactor. Additional info. Particle accelerator: move atomic nuclei faster and faster until they have reached very high speeds ( Full Answer )

What is medicines?

Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies health science, biomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic chemistry?

Simply put, synthetic chemistry is the study/practice of chemistry as related to synthesizing (fancy word for "making") new chemicals. If someone is a synthetic chemist, they focus their efforts on making "stuff." It is the variability of the word "stuff" that makes synthetic chemistry different acr ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of synthetic medicines?

Synthetic drugs are drugs that are made from ingredients thatsimulate compounds that naturally occur in plants. Some examples ofsynthetic drugs are quinine, Taxol, aspirin, and digoxin.

What are the disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

There can be disadvantages to synthetic medications. The firstregard the possibility of long-term toxicity, side-affects andcontraindications. Secondly, pharmaceutical waste contaminate watersupplies with environmental and health effects yet to be fullyunderstood.

Disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

There are problems with almost all medicine known to man, we callthem side effects. But, sythnetic medicine is no better or worsethen ' organic' medicine.

What are synthetic detergents?

Synthetic detergents are the sodium salts of long chain benzene sulphonic acid or long chain alkyl hydrogen sulphate. in day to day usage these are known as 'detergents'.

What is the opposite of synthetic?

If you are referring to synthetic meaning "man-made", then the opposite would be "natural" or "genuine". There is another usage of synthetic, in which the opposite is "analytic".

What is synthetic wool?

Synthetic wool is a man-made fibre that purports to mimic the qualities of natural wool.

What is a synthetic fabric?

Fabrics obtained from synthetic or human-made fibres are called synthetic fabrics. Most of the synthetic fabrics are also obtained from coal ,petroleum ,and natural gas ..

What is a synthetic?

A synthetic is a type of item that does not occur naturally. Thisitem is typically artificially created by humans. It usually mimicsthe qualities of some natural items like diamonds and certainfabrics.

What does medicines do?

Medicines are drugs, and drugs are defined as any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.

What is in medicine?

Medications or Medicines contain chemical compounds, mostoriginating from plants or tree bark, including herbal remedies.The chemical compounds are highly refined, unlike herbalpreparations.

What is synthetic element?

A synthetic element is one that is not found in nature but is synthesized in a laboratory. Examples include technetium (Tc), rutherfordium (Rf), and bohrium (Bh).

Are homeopathic medicines synthetic?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from many natural substances such as herbs (Plant kingdom) and minerals (mineral kingdom).. Plant Kingdom : Belladonna atropa (Deadly Nightshade) , Calendula Off (Marigold), Arnica Montana (Leopards bane), Crocus Sativa (Meadow saffron). Mineral Kingdom: Sulp ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic chocolate?

dairy milk if its wrong i don't a clue and soz I'm almost positive it means fake. Synthetic is a fake product. So synthetic chocolate is probably a scented candle ect.

What are synthetic plastics?

i dont know yarr how can i know did i am in plastic factory or i ama since sudent

What is a synthetic reaction?

Not natural or genuine; artificial or contrived. It's something that has not been brought on by natural events. Sort of like synthetic leather.

Advantage of synthetic medicine?

Synthetic medicine usually works faster to stop the symptoms of the disease than natural supplements, herbs and other alternative treatments. Also, medical insurance usually pays at least part of the cost of synthetic medicine, but does not pay for alternatives.

Are ceramics synthetic?

There are both syntetic (ex: ceramics used to cover the space shuttle, ), and natural ceramics (ex: clay, used in pottery).

What is synthetic marijuana?

Synthetic Marijuana is created in labs, it all has to do with biochemistry and taking genes from a certain plant and growing it the way they want it to grow. It's like a test tube baby, nowadays you can pick the eye color and hair color and such of your baby based on your genes. They do this with Ma ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic codeine?

Synthetic codeine is just codeine made in a lab by scientists, synthetic means fake which is unnatural which is man made so manmade codeine

What are synthetics?

synthetics are plastics plastics is use in many ways because it is very light and endurable

What is synthetic immunoglobulins?

Synthetic immunoglobulins, Also known as immune serum, are used as a post-exposure preventive measure against certain viruses, including rabies and some types of hepatitis.

What are synthetic brushes?

synthetic brushes are make-up brushes that are made from man made fibres for bristles so they are also cruelty free, unlike most make brushes which made from animal hair and made by plucking the animals hair out and putting them into brushes.

Is oil synthetic?

Oil that comes out of the ground is not synthetic but is called crude oil. Synthetic oil is man made with synthetic compounds. They are both oil.

Where do you get medicines from?

Most medicines are derived from nature. Foxglove is where we get the heart medicine, Digitalis. Senna pods are a laxative, which is in the patent medicine Sennokot.Ricin , a poison ,is from castor bean pods, as does castor oil. Willow bark is a fever reducer and mild pain reliever. Morphine and code ( Full Answer )

Are minerals synthetic?

No. According to the current definition, in order to be an accepted mineral species, a mineral must form naturally, it cannot be manmade. There is an interesting debate around the exact definition of a mineral, and whether minerals that have been formed by human intervention really should be consid ( Full Answer )

What are medicines?

Medicines are drugs or other remedies designed to improve or restore health. Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies health sci ( Full Answer )

What is synthetic materials?

Synthetic fibers are the result of extensive research by scientists to improve upon naturally occurring animal and plant fibers. E.g. plastics, false leather Also known as 'man made' materials

What it a synthetic cell?

All cells can be called as synthetic cells because they synthsize differents nutrients like lipids from RER, protiens are synthesized by ribosomes. Mitochondria synthesizes ATP.Mitochondria also help in the building of certain parts of the blood, and hormones like testosterone and estrogen.Productio ( Full Answer )

What are synthetic acids?

another name for synthetic acid is 2ci and just acid in pill form to sum it up

What is synthetic methadone?

Umm, synthetic methadone IS methadone. Methadone is synthetic to begin with so to say what is synthetic methadone is like saying what is a human person. A person is a human LOL. So whoever is saying "synthetic methadone" has got something mixed up, because methadone is just methadone. While it comes ( Full Answer )

Is synthetics an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The term synthetics is a plural nounmeaning manmade substances.

What are the synthetic pesticides?

There are probably a number, but generically, they are those pesticides made in a factory out of simple ingredients (eg DDT - dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) rather than those that are extracted from living things (eg Pyrethrum)

What is synthetic ruby?

Ruby's chemical make up is AL2O3:CR, that means that every moleculein it has 2 atoms of aluminum, 3 atoms of oxygen connected to anatom of chromium. In the 1800's chemists figured out that bycombining aluminum oxide with chromium at high heat they would getsynthetic ruby. The process has been modifi ( Full Answer )

What does synthetic mean?

noting or pertaining to compounds formed through a chemicalprocessby human agency, as opposed to those of natural origin