What is synthetic medicine?

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synthetic medicine is as opposed to herbal or other remedies, it means man made. the reason synthetic medicine became so popular was because it could be made consistantly, with the same product every time, where as with herbal remedies can vary.

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Q: What is synthetic medicine?
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Advantage of synthetic medicine?

Synthetic medicine usually works faster to stop the symptoms of the disease than natural supplements, herbs and other alternative treatments. Also, medical insurance usually pays at least part of the cost of synthetic medicine, but does not pay for alternatives.

What is synthetic medicine made of?

Synthetic medicine is made of biological and petroleum byproducts. These byproducts are engineered in a lab setting to have a specific use, function and reaction in the body. In many cases, the body doesn't recognize the synthetic composition and considers it toxic.

Disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

There are problems with almost all medicine known to man, we call them side effects. But, sythnetic medicine is no better or worse then ' organic' medicine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

The advantages are that synthetic medicines can be made consistantly with the same product each time, and that they are cheap to make (usually) I wouldn't say there were any disadvantages.

Can I have a very low blood pressure after my thyroid gland was removed if I don't take synthetic thyroid medicine?


When is the first medicine applied?

Recorded use for medicine goes as far back as ancient civilisations such as the ones in Egypt. However, these were largely limited to herbs and plants, where synthetic drugs were not available.

Are plants more important for medicine or for clothes?

Plants are more important for medicine than clothes. There is subsitude for plant fiber available for clothes but there is no subsitude for plant products used in medicine. The synthetic chemicals used as medicine have side effects. the plant products are by and large are quite safe.

What is the main difference in method of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine?

If allopathic Western practitioners could be described as interventionist and dependent on synthetic pharmaceuticals, TCM methods are mostly natural and noninvasive.

What is Dilaudid pain medicine?

Dilaudid is a DEA Schedule II synthetic opiate, prescribed for short term moderate to severe pain.

What are the disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

There can be disadvantages to synthetic medications. The first regard the possibility of long-term toxicity, side-affects and contraindications. Secondly, pharmaceutical waste contaminate water supplies with environmental and health effects yet to be fully understood.

What percentage makes a synthetic oil synthetic?

Synthetic is 100% synthetic. There are blends sold that are part synthetic & regular oil. Look for a quart that sates FULL or 100% Synthetic. If it says Synthetic Blend then it is not 100% Synthetic.Synthetic is 100% synthetic. There are blends sold that are part synthetic & regular oil. Look for a quart that sates FULL or 100% Synthetic. If it says Synthetic Blend then it is not 100% Synthetic.

What medicine is used for sinus infections?

We commonly used synthetic penicillin like amoxicillin (Amoxil, Polymox, or Trimox) for sinus infection. This medicine helps to prevent complications, relieve symptoms, and reduce the risk of chronic sinusitis.

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