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TADAKA is a cooking process, treatment or a method not a grocery and cooking item. It aims to provoke or take out and spread, extract the smell and taste of the served food preparation.

In simple term it's incite routine system.

TADAKA is an Indian Food's HOT OIL INCITE. Tadaka or Taraka or Vaghar or Baghar is final food cooking method called 'hot oil incite' or flavored oil incite spray or a type of oil mix garnish or instant quicker spicy oil marinate mix at end of Indian subcontinent dishes. Flavored oil incite spray (Hot oil stimulated garnish) (Tel se Gandh swad Uttejit karana) used to give final preparing touch up to Indian curry.

In olden Mexican cooking it was known as mild hot oil frying cover.

From listed below herbs all or any one of Cumin seed (Jeera), Mustered seed (Rai), sweet or bitter Lilic leaf, Azadirachta indica (neem), Hing (Asafoetida), ginger (Adrak), garlic (Lahasun), Taj, Dal chini (cinnamon Sticks), dried cut onion, long, Laving (Clove bud), Miri (Black or White pepper), Valriyaari (Green fennel seed, saunf), Ajavain, Ajamo (bishop's weed seed), Soa, suva (Shevid Polo Seed), peanuts (Singh).

Few more spices and herbs used in TADAKA are Chana (yellow whole shell less peas or dal. gram), Daliaya (skin less oil less split yellow dal, gram, peas, lentil, legume [of carpel, pod] seed or beans), Dry whole red chilli (lal mirchi), Tamalpatra (Long dry whole Cinnamon Leaf), Ninbu (Dry lemon skin), Urad daal ( Dhaniya (Coriander Seed) or of 'Plain oil incite' can be made for different curries, sauces, & for food. Euro- Indo cook now stared using fruits, flower's skin as a tadaka. Some are correctly guessing that is been adopted air purification Hindu holy ritual tradition called as 'Yaganas and 'Havana. Yagana and Havana performed to pleasing god and Tadaka is to pleasing the an eater.

TADAKA is used Even for chronic and routine herbal (Home medicine remedies, treatment) medicinal diet for patients. It has its special aroma curing nature in some types of unknown and unusual undiagnosed diseases.

Some TV show cooks in fun says that it is "BOILED AND HOT RED CHILLI OIL PAT ON FOOD DISH". You can watch this just 1 minute and 20 gram's oil process on video and even on you tube too. It is done on each and every food of Indian subcontinent food without fail. It is a eating habit custom too for Indians in some or other way. It is applied eve in china and Russia too.

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Q: What is tadaka or TADAKA recipe in America Arabic European and pacific countries it also spoken as vaghar baghar taraka food temper etc?
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