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It could be one of tree things

  1. cream of tartar (also known as Potassium bitartrate) which is used in wine making and, mixed with backing soda, it makes backing powder.
  2. there is a dish made out of raw fillet steak (or horse meat) chopped fine with herbs and served as a patty with capers and a raw egg that is called steak tartar
  3. Tartar Sauce is a creamy white sauce frequently used to season seafood dishes. (Made with whole eggs, white wine vinegar and oil, with the addition of chopped capers, chopped gherkins, a squeeze of lemon juice and chopped tarragon).
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Q: What is tartar in cooking?
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What will happen if you use too much cream of tartar?

if you add to much cream of tartar the thing that you are cooking will turn into a big rock. Hard as solid

What is cream of tartar made out of?

Cream of tartar is potassium hydrogen tartrate, and is a byproduct of wine making. Its an acid which is useful in cooking, especially to keep whipped eggs from deflating.

Chemical name for cream of tartar?

Cream of tartar also has the chemical names of potassium bitartrate or potassium hydrogen tartrate. Its chemical formula is KC4H5O6, Cream of tartar is an odorless and white powder used in cooking.

What is cream or tartar?

cream of tartar is a creamy cooking ingredient that can make the item thicker even though it is called cream of tartar it is not made of tartar you may think that it is like tartar sauce well it is totally different when you think of cream of tartar you should think of a soup that is creamy and delicious well maybe not by itself well there isnt no reason why you shouldnt know it now is because i just explained it to you By cassidy

Are cornstarch and cream of tartar the same thing?

No.Cornstarch is milled corn germ, used as a starch or food thickener.Cream of tartar is potassium bitartrate, a potassium acid salt used in cooking and in leavening agents such as baking powder.

What is the chemical formula for potassium bitartrate?

The chemical formula for potassium bitartrate is KC4H5O6. In cooking, this is known as cream of tartar, and it is a byproduct of winemaking.

You thought cream of tartar can be made with baking soda and cornstarch?

Actually baking powder can be made by combining 1 part baking soda and 3 parts cream of tartar. This information comes from the recipe book called:"What's Cooking"

What is the function of cream of tartar when cooking biscuits?

It is an acidic leavening agent - it reacts with anything alkaline in the recipe, releasing CO2 and making the mixture rise.

What is the meaning of tartare in cooking?

Tartare means either uncooked (as in steak tartare) or tartar sauce which is made from mayonnaise, cooked egg yolks and sweet relish.

Cream of tartar as a thickening agent in cooking?

No it's actually an acid that is used in whipped cream to keep the sugars from crystalizing it has the same properties as lemon juice without the flavor

What do Tartar control toothpastes do?

Tartar control toothpastes help prevent tartar formation, but do not remove tartar once it has formed

Where is cream of tartar from?

Cream of tartar is the common name for potassium hydrogen tartrate. It is an acid based salt used in cooking. It is most often used in sugar based desserts as the acid inhibits crystals forming producing a creamier texture. It is also used in meringues to help stabilize and give more volume to the beaten egg whites.

What is the code in tartar tantrum?

Tartar snail

Is tartar healthy food or unhealthy food?

Tartar (the sauce) is a mayonnaise-based sauce that also includes egg yolk and oil, all three of which should be eaten in moderation. Tartare (the raw food dish) is only considered unhealthy if prepared in unsanitary conditions and should not be eaten by people with a compromised immune system, due to the lack of cooking (and sterilization) of the dish.

Is tartar sauce the same as cream of tartar?

No. Tartar sauce is a mixture of chopped pickles and mayonnaise that is served with fish. Cream of tartar is potassium hydrogen tartrate, used as leavening and to improve the texture of baked goods. They are NOT interchangeable.

What is a tartar?

Tartar is a nation from both Mongolia and Tartarstan in Asia.

When was Tartar Invasion created?

Tartar Invasion was created in 1917.

Can you use tartaric acid instead of cream of tartar?

Is tartaric acid and cream of tartar the same thing. Cream of tartar is obtained when tartaric acid is half neutralized with potassium hydroxide, transforming it into a salt. Many recipes include both Cream of Tartar and Tartaric Acid. Generally speaking you may use Cream of Tartar as a substitute for Tartaric Acid but Cream of Tartar is normally cheaper.

Why is it important that white meats are cooked thoroughly?

I suppose you are referring to poultry and pork. As for poultry, salmonella is present throughout the meat and in pork it's trichinosis, therefore, in order to completely kill the bacteria the meat needs to be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 140 to 145 degrees. As for beef, the bacteria is on the surface. Minimum cooking is allowed, as in steak tartar tartar. Ground beef contains multiple integrated surface layers and must be cooked to 140/145. Ask your local health department for proper cooking times and temps.

Is tartar an animal?

Tartar is not an animal your friend Lianah

What does cream of tartar do to meringue?

cream of tartar builds structure to the meringue

What is tartar buildup?

In dentistry, tartar is calculus build-up that occurs on the teeth.

What can be used as a substitute for cream of tartar?

Baking powder is a substitute for cream of tartar.

When was Tartar's Ferry Bridge created?

Tartar's Ferry Bridge was created in 1880.

When was Mehdi Tartar born?

Mehdi Tartar was born on 1972-09-24.