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What is teleconferencing?

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You might work for a company that has offices all over the country or all over the world. Instead of flying 25 people in for a meeting, they just use a speakerphone and dial in to a special number that puts all the speakerphones on the same line so they can all talk or listen at the same time no matter where they are in the world. That's all it is.

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Can be used in teleconferencing?


What has the author Patrick S Portway written?

Patrick S. Portway has written: 'Guide to teleconferencing & distance learning' -- subject- s -: Distance education, Teleconferencing, Education, Telecommunication in education, Teleconferencing in education

In which ways does business teleconferencing help a company?

Business teleconferencing can help companies in many ways. Teleconferencing allows multiple people to have a meeting over the phone. It increases communication and also allows companies to save money as they do not need to send representatives to multiple locations.

Difference between teleconferencing and videoconferencing?

teleconferencing is where several people speak to each other videoconferencing is where there is also a video link so you can see the people as you talk to them.

What was involved in early teleconferencing?

The earliest form of teleconferencing was the telephone conference call, in which several parties in various parts of the world could simultaneously hold a conversation.

What is the similarities between teleconferencing and telemarketing?

i dont now

Main difference between videoconferencing and teleconferencing?

Videoconferencing is often considered a type of teleconferencing. However, teleconferencing is usually used to refer to audio conferencing. In this case, the main difference between video conferencing and audio conferencing is that video conferencing includes a video data stream alongside the audio data.

What has the author Roselle Kovitz written?

Roselle Kovitz has written: 'A guide to teleconferencing options for California public libraries' -- subject(s): Communication systems, Public libraries, Telecommunication in libraries, Teleconferencing

What impact has video teleconferencing had on businesses?

Video teleconferencing has had a positive effect on businesses because it saves the emplyee's time and the hassle of travelling. IT also saves the businesses money and cuts its travel expenses by two-thirds.

Ways to control air pollution?

wind power solar power telecommuting teleconferencing

What is the difference between teleconferencing and videoconferencing?

Teleconferencing is a blanket term used to describe, overall, communication between two people at remote sites, via video and/or audio. This also includes the term "video conferencing", "voice over IP", etc.

Is a GSS alternative that is used when the decision frequency is high and the location of group members is distant?


What is the difference between teleconferencing and telecommuting?

Teleconferencing is the use of conferencing software to allow a live exchange among people in remote locations. Telecommuting is a term used when a worker does not commute to a companyÃ?s central location. This term is associated with freelancer or independent contractors.

Advantage and disadvantage of teleconferencing?

Face time is limited. Expensive. Why don't you open up a textbook and read all about it?

What has the author Teri A Robinson written?

Teri A. Robinson has written: 'Videoconferencing' -- subject(s): Videoconferencing, Teleconferencing equipment industry

What's the best headset for the money?

The Sony headsets are great for gaming and also for teleconferencing due to their low signal-to-noise ratio.

Can I pay someone to come and set up teleconferencing for my company?

Yes there are some companies that you can pay to set up teleconferencing. You can pay for pretty much anything nowadays. Some websites that might be helpful are : and I also found a youtube video that shows you how to do it for free:

What kind of VOIP services does Skype offer for businesses?

Skype doesn't offer teleconferencing. However they do have three way calling with their normal service.

What has the author Joanne Fraser written?

Joanne Fraser has written: 'Videoconferencing' -- subject(s): Market surveys, Teleconferencing equipment industry, Videoconferencing

What has the author A Chumak written?

A. Chumak has written: 'The potential for telecommunications as a travel substitute' -- subject(s): Traffic estimation, Teleconferencing, Commuting, Telecommunication

What did Douglas Engelbart invent that is handy?

a computer keyboard, computer mouse, windows, computer video teleconferencing, hypermedia, groupware, email, the Internet and more.

What are the cheapest teleconference providers?

There are thousands of companies that offer various forms of teleconferencing. The most well established company though would be the company

Douglas Engelbart was a computer visionary of the 1960s What did he invent that you find hand y?

the computer mouse, windows, shared-screen teleconferencing, hypermedia, groupware, and more

Where can I find information about teleconference providers?

There are many teleconference providers available for you to choose from. You can easily use Skype or Oovoo for your teleconferencing needs as these are two very complete programs.

What did Doug Engelbart invent?

Some of his main inventions include the computer mouse, windows, computer video teleconferencing, hypermedia, groupware, email, the Internet and more. ~student of THS