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What is telepathy?

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It is the ability that allows two people to communicate using the power of thought (i.e. not using physical communication methods). In fiction, this is extended to controlling other individuals with the power of the mind (there is no indisputable evidence of this ability in real life). Some conspiracy theorists suggest that various government agencies or nefarious groups utilize telepathy, by psychic ability or technology.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some individuals may have "shared" thoughts, and this is especially noted among twins. But no way has been found to develop this as a science.

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Science is going to change.

I generally agree with the first answer to this question. However, there is more to it than that.

Telepathy is the universal language of Spirit. It is how people on the Other Side communicate with one another. The reason why we all don't go to Telepathy 101 in grammar school is because of the antiquated understanding of telepathy within the field of Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology.

Telepathy is a function of one's spirit, not of one's brain. When we are corked up in three dimensional bodies, we are cut off from The Light on the Other Side - the non-living higher power that is the energy source - that naturally allows for easy telepathic communication. Like a land-line telephone that is not plugged in to a phone jack, when we are in bodies we no longer have that communication advantage until we return to The Light.

That is why telepathic communication here, among those in the flesh, is so unstable and so unreliable. In order for it to work you have to enlist the help of spirits to take the message from one person in the flesh and then relay it to another in the flesh. Spirits are people, each with their own personality. You can't turn them on and off to help you like you do a light switch. This is also how Gifts of the Spirit operate. They manifest when the spirits who are causing them to happen decide to make it happen with their access to The Light. Assuming of course that there aren't other spirits who are opposing such a transmission, and thereby damper or prevent it from happening in the first place - which also occurs.

The Spirit World is likened to a large number of special interest groups, all of which use telepathy constantly.

Want to know what telepathy feels like?

Take note of your dreams. They are all based in telepathic communication. Contrary to the distorted paradigm of Sigmund Freud, when we sleep at night one part of our brain does not activate to create dreams for us. Instead, what really happens is that when we are asleep or in a meditative state, we are more receptive to telepathic messages from the Other Side that are often projected symbolically. As a spiritual medium, this has been confirmed to me directly. I have had situations whereby I would be communicating with a Spirit Guide in a dream; to then wake up and continue the conversation. *LOL*

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Telepathy means reading minds. She has the super power of telepathy.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate mind to mind.

I'll just use my telepathy.

Telepathic is the adjective form of telepathy.

Telepathy is when someone can read other people's minds.

(Telepathy is direct mental communication or mind-reading.)A common belief is that twins share some form of telepathy.As if by telepathy, the doctor knew what the patient was most worried about.

Telepathy - song - was created in 1987.

There is no evidence that it was EVER used. Perhaps some people do use telepathy, but there are no controlled experiments that confirm that telepathy is even possible.

The word telepathy is a noun, a word for the direct mental communication or mind-reading. Example sentences:The common theory is that twins share some form of telepathy.The alien used telepathy to sense my thoughts.Despite claims of telepathy, there is no scientific evidence to prove that it really exists.In science fiction, communication by thought waves is called telepathy.The twins seemed to know each other's thoughts, as if by telepathy.As if by telepathy, the doctor knew what the patient was most worried about.My friend is telepathic because she knew how I felt earlier.

Yes, but i want to learn more about telepathy as a means of communication

Telepathy communication, or just telepathy.

I have not found any evidence of telepathy in porpoises. they communicate by sonar like clicks

It is not always known if someone is using telepathy on us. There is a simple method of telepathy whereby an individual will think of someone and within moments that particular individual will call on the telephone or show up at our door. That is an example of telepathy.

Telepathy is the power to read one's mind. (Believe it or not, I am a psychic and I have this power. I'm not kidding. I can also see the future). You know you have telepathy when you just hear random statements/questions in your head, and you know they're not your thoughts. No one is sure how you can get telepathy, but it is said that telepathy is a special gift from God. God gave this gift to you because you were meant to have it, and you deserve it.

The existence of telepathy has never been proven by scientific testing. We cannot answer the question.

Nobody has been able to learn telepathy yet, so nobody knows how to learn.

The telepathy is used only for the people know how and from experts, people have the mind trained

Telepathy - 2010 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2010

Yes telepathy - the ability to communicate mind to mind is considered one of the psychic ability.

No, mindreading is when you can hear what another person is thinking. Telepathy is making contact with someones mind.

Supernatural refers to anything beyond what is beyond nature. Since telepathy is not natural it is clasified as a supernatural event.

Telepathy is not as important to most people then others. People for example that areunable to talk could have some sort of ability to talk to each other through mind talk, this is called telepathy.

Nothing. There is no evidence that telepathy is possible. Every properly conducted test has shown that any indication of telepathy is within the bounds of probability and coincidence.

Try and think what you're twin or Bestie is thinking..Think logically, would it be a lucky number, a favourite food, a crush?? it is impossible to use telepathy if you are a human, but telepathy means you communicate with people inside your head.

The Dictionary definition of Telepathy is: Communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means. Thinking at people doesn't hurt. Although telepathy does in fact exist it is NOT what you see on TV in Movies or read about in fiction.

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