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What is that buzzer sound when a car is started and how do you stop the buzzing if it will not go off?


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2008-06-21 03:29:26
2008-06-21 03:29:26

is it a buzzing from the back of the car. it is probably a fuel pump in that case. nuthin to worry about. If your buzzing is coming from under your dash or up by your seat somewhere it is a faulty warning buzzer. If this is the case you will either need to find the buzzer under your dash and disconnect or replace it. If you cannot find it you can ask a local mechanic to do it for you, or you can get a "Haynes" manual or other manual specifically for your car, and that will tell you where to find it.


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To stop the buzzing sound you will need to disconnect the buzzer. It is normally red plastic and located near the steering column at the top of the brake pedal mount.

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Their wings cause the buzzing sound so the only time the're not buzzing is when they aren't flying, and if you were to cut of their wings! Hmm...... maybe I should try that, JK! - Dogluva21

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A buzzing sound coming from a light switch means the switch is going bad and is shorting in the wall. Stop using the switch and replace immediately, this is a fire hazard.

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I am guessing that you have a bad turn signal relay. Locate it by sound and replace it.

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