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It's called the lunula.

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Q: What is that white spot under your fingernail on your thumb?
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What diet to remove whitespot on fingernail?

You cannot remove the white spot on your fingernail.

Why is there a random white spot in the middle of your fingure nail?

A random white spot in the middle of your fingernail can indicate that your diet is missing one or more nutrients. You should check with your doctor or nutritionist to determine what you need to get more of.

What is the white spot under tongue?

A white spot under the tongue should be looked at by a doctor to see if it is a problem. This may be a skin condition or a side effect from an illness or fever.

Why is White Spot called White Spot?

It is called the White Spot because it's a big white spot! Hope this helps!

I found a black furry spider with a white spot on it's back and green eyes in MI the size of the end of my thumb or a quarter?

Jumping spiders. White dot indicates it is harmless.

How do you get fingernail polish out of the carpet strong fingernail polish?

1. Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to the spot 2. Scrub the spot gently with a dry wash cloth or hand towel If that doesn't get it completely out then try this next 3. Pour cold water on the spot slowly 4. Scrub the spot with elbow grease If that doesn't work Sorry :-(

Is white spot in USA?

White Sport is not in the United States. White Spot is in Canada.

What is the spot between your pointing finger and thumb called?

The spot between the index finger and the thumb is called the thumb web space. The information is hard to find but is mentioned in the link below (in the section labeled "Causes"). Note: The link shows a birth abnormality, but "thumb web space" is the term for the normal appearance of thumb and index finger.

What is a brown spot under your tongue?

what could a brown spot be under the tongue what could a brown spot be under the tongue

Where is the great white spot located?

The great white spot is located on Saturn

When was White Spot created?

White Spot was created on 1928-06-16.

What is a white spot on the corner of the lower lip?

a spot

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