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This is they way in the Olympics

With the difficulty of your skill(vault) or the combination of all your skills(beam,floor,and bars) you come up with a start value on difficulting(such as a 6.6) then a 10.00 is added with a 'Starting Value' of 16.6 then to get your final score they deduct the points and then you get your end score.

AnswerEach element in a routine is categorized by difficulty, in sections A-E, with A being the simplest, and E being the most difficult. The starting value is the summation off all of these skills' Degree of Difficulty score. AnswerFor most compulsory gymnasts the starting value is 10.00. But the more elite the gymnast the more variations there will be within start values. Say there is a college gymnastics team and one girl is going to only do a front handspring on the vault (which is a very simple skill) and another girl is going to do a tsuk (a very difficult skill) it would not be fair for the judge to base both vaults off of a 10 because the front handspring should be absolutely perfect. So because the front handspring is an easier skill it has a lower start value. AnswerThe other answers are pretty good but what pretty much how a routine is scored.

There is there is an A and a B judge. The A judge adds up certain points (that are known to all gymnasts and coaches) for each skill that is completed sucessfully. The B judge score out of ten and deducts for any mistakes i.e. falls, wobbles, extra swings/steps, bent arms/legs, low landings, "closed shoulders, incorrect body positions etc.These to scored are then added together to give a final score for the gymnast. On vault a score is tabulated for each vault and then the average is found( at major competitions and the Olympics). On other occasion the higher score is taken.

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What are the values of Gymnastics?

Each gymnast has a different starting value according to the difficulty level of skills he/she will perform in the routine.

What is the highest you in gymnastics as an Olympian?

There is not a limit. Each gymnast starts with a value made up of all the different skills they will do in the routine. This is called their START VALUE. Typically, a good routine will score between 14.7 through 15.8, a great score will be 16.0 - 16.9, and an excellent score would be a 17.0 and up.

How do you judge a gymnastics routine?

You must first be a certified judge. Then the judge will salute the gymnast, signifying that he/she is ready to watch the routine. The gymnast will salute back signifying she/he is ready as well. The gymnast will perform the routine. While the gymnast is performing, the judge watches EVERY detail of EVERY move. They never look down to see what they are writing either. The judges have a "code" of symbols that mean things such as "bent legs", or "the gymnast pike too much during that skill" , or "the gymnast is off rhythm with her music" etc. After the routine is over, the gymnast salutes the judge letting the judge know that he/she is finished with her routine. The judges then add up all the symbols they wrote on their paper and figure the dedcutions from the start value of the routine. Then they show the gymnast the score.

How do you make a start value in gymnastics?

The start value is determined by how difficult the move or routine is.

What is gymnastics marked out of?

Up to the Athens 2004 Olympics, the gymnast was awarded a score on each apparatus out of a maximum of 10.0 points. That means that if the gymnast performed a difficult enough routine, with no flaws, they would receive a score of 10.0. However, the code of points changed just before the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The gymnast's score on each apparatus is now made up of two separate scores: the 'A' score and the 'B' score. The 'A' score is the difficulty value of the routine, and has no maximum value or limit. The harder the routine, the higher the A score. The A score starts at 0 and value is added on for each skill performed. The highest A scores are around the 7.8 mark. The 'B' score is the execution score, and is marked out of 10. For each fault the gymnast makes, the judges deduct from the 10 marks. (For example, if a gymnast falls from the beam, 0.8 is deducted from the B score.) The final score is obtained from the A score, added to the B score. The all-around score is obtained from all of the apparatus scores added together. Hope that makes sense, and was of some help to you :) I am not sure about Men's Gymnastics, but this information is current for Women's Artistic Gymnastics.

how to calculate reduction percentages?

Given a starting value and a finishing value, the percentage reduction is100*(finishing value - starting value)/starting valueor, equivalently,100*(finishing value/starting value - 1).

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How has gymnastics changed since it was invented?

Modern gymnastics was originally developed by the two main founding fathers Johann Guts Muth (Swedish, rythmic) and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (German, apparatus), as an exercise regime for men and boys. It was fundamental in the preparation of combatants for the German Army of Liberation against the Napoleonic Army of Occupation. Jahn also created the horizontal bar, parallel bars and the vault, though they were much different than they are known for today. Modern Gymnastics appeared for the first time at the 1896 Olympics in Athens. Although women demonstrated the sport at the 1908 Olympics, women did not compete in the Olympics until 1928. Some of the first events seen in the Olympics from gymnastics included: running, synchronized team floor calisthenics, rope climbing, high jumping etc. Now female gymnasts compete on the floor exercise, vault, uneven bars, and balance beam. Male gymnasts compete on the floor exercise, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, pommel horse and rings. Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to receive a perfect score in the 1976 Olympics. In 2006, gymnastics saw it first change in the point system. Originally gymnasts were scored on a basis of 1 -10. 10 being the highest. But now gymnasts have a start value. This means that the gymnast performing the routines can choose the difficulty level of his/her skills. The higher the difficulty level of the skills in the routine, the higher the starting value will be.

Ginger with a full twist in gymnastics?

It's definitely possible. Its skill value is an E and I am in the process of working it!

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Is level 3 gymnastics easier then level 4 gymnastics?

"do the math duh its easier lol 3 is lower than 4 so the hardness of the level will be less in 3"Rudeness is of no value in an answer!!It matters the, Country, and the era of gymnastics in which one is asking and it would help to know which of the gymnastic sports you are refering too*.In the USA At this point in time (2011) the higher the number the more difficult. In the past for Artistic Gymnastics men's and Woman's it was opposite. Not sure of the systems level titles of the other gymnastic sports at that time.Sometime around 1980 the Level 1-10 system in the USA was adopted. (10 highest) Before that level ONE was the highest and level four was the lowest. My assumption is the thought was to have Level ONE be a level no one can go beyond thus it was the highest.* Gymnastic SportsArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sAerobic GymnasticsRhythmic GymnasticsAcrobatic GymnasticsPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics

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How does the gymnastics scoring system work?

In Levels 1-10 and college, the gymnasts are given a score out of 10. Although, that varies because gymnasts have start values for their routines. To get your score the judges will subtract your deductions from your start value, which in most cases a 10.0. Example: 10.0 start value- 0.825 in deductions= 9.15 score In elite gymnastics( the stuff on tv) , scoring is far different. Gymnasts have a difficulty score and an execution score out of 10. Example: 6.1 difficulty + 9.4 execution= 15.5 total score

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