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NOTE TO ASKER. For any and all future game inquiries, please consult. WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM, they have a COMPREHENSIVE list of FAQS, CODES, CHEATS, and more! Almost any game you need help on can be found there. The FAQS are CREDIBLE. This means you can rely on the info given there. SOURCE : Codes Button Codes Enter these codes in the Controller Setup Screen in the Options menu. Code Effect Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Right Unlock all Characters Left, Left, Right Left, Up, Left, Left, Down Unlock all Comic Covers Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Left Unlock all Concept Art Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left Unlock all Landmarks Contributed By: War Raichu Unlockables Races/Combat Tour Unlockable How to Unlock Hard City Event Difficulty Complete 20 city events and "Class Trip" (Chapter 8). Hard Combat Tour Difficulty Complete 12 medium difficulty combat tours. Insane Combat Tour Difficulty Complete all hard difficulty combat tours. Medium City Event Difficulty Complete 10 city events and "Inexpugnable" (Chapter 6). Medium Combat Tour Difficulty Complete 8 easy combat tours after "Hell of a Mess" (Chapter 4). Switch Hero Option Complete all story mode missions to unlock the "Switch Hero" option on the pause menu. Venom Races Complete all story mode missions. Contributed By: evil_catarsis Unlock Extras Unlockable How to Unlock Arachnoman Complete 90 City Events, Collect 90 Tokens & Complete 20 Combat Tours Parker Hoodie Complete 75 City Events, Collect 75 Tokens Peter Parker Complete 50 City Events, Collect 50 Tokens & Win 5th Race against Johnny Storm Spidey Wrestling Complete 30 City Events & Collect 30 Tokens Switch Hero Option on Pause Menu Complete all Story Missions Symbiote Spider-Man (Black Costume) Complete 100 City Events, Get all Tokens, and finish all Combat Tours and races Venom Races Complete all Story Missions Contributed By: Xtreme1, YuGiOhAngel, YuGiOhFm2002 Unlock Higher City Event Difficulty Levels To raise the City Event Difficulty you must do the following: Unlockable How to Unlock Hard Difficulty Complete 20 City Events and Complete "Class Trip" Chapter 8. Medium Difficulty Complete 10 City Events and Complete "inexpugnable" Chapter 6. Contributed By: YuGiOhFm2002 Unlock Higher Combat Tour Difficulty Levels & Health Bonuses To reach a higher difficulty level and get Health bonuses do one of the following: Unlockable How to Unlock Health Bonus & Hard Difficulty Combat Tours Complete 12 Medium Combat Tours. Health Bonus & Medium Difficulty Combat Tours Complete 8 Easy Combat Tours After Chapter 4 Hell of a Mess. Insane Difficulty Combat Tours Complete all Hard Combat Tours Contributed By: YuGiOhFm2002 Glitches Venom Free Destruction Rather than having to deal with cops or soldiers when you destory cars in the game, you can use this glitch to "turn them off" until after you switch back to Spider-man. Destroy a car, however you choose, then when the score number appears press start. Select Unlockables and press X. It will ask if you want to quit the current mission to view the unlockables. Agree to this, then simply resume the game after quitting the mission. Now you can destroy all the cars and people you want without any enemies showing up. Contributed By: RoadWulf

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Q: What is the 'unlock all costumes' cheat for PS2's Ultimate Spider-Man?
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What and where is the unlock all costumes cheat for xboxs ultimate Spiderman?

Im looking for it too but there is none :(

How do you unlock all costumes on ultimate Spider-Man on gamecube?

on ultimate spiderman how do you put on the cheats on the options menu when i put a cheat it does not make a sound? my game is gamecube

What is cheat code to unlock black suit in ultimate Spiderman ps2?

thre is none

What is the 'unlock all costumes' cheat for ps2 ultimate spider man?

there is none! or u can get a gameshark for 20$.

What and where is the unlock all costumes cheat for xboxs ultimate Spider-Man?

There is no cheat because the creators weren't smart enough to think of one.

What is the unlock all costumes cheat code on ultimate spider man for ps2?

p ress up sdi0vfh8sdbgyir89

Is there a cheat for all costumes on ultimate Spider-Man?

yes there is a cheat to get all costumes, just type this in the search bar (all costumes on ultimate spider man) and there you will have the cheat code.

Where do you use the unlock all costumes cheat in Ultimate Spider-Man?

Go to the menu,then go to options,and then GO to controller setup and use your cheat!

What is the 'unlock all costumes' cheat for PS2's Ultimate Spiderman?

its either: l2,l2,right,left,down,up,right,left,down,up,r2,r2 or,up,l2,r2,left,down,up

What is the unlock all costumes cheat?


How do you unlock all costumes for ultimate spider man with a cheat code?

r1 r2 L1 circle who ever posted this is wrong

What is the cheat to be carnage in ultimate spider-man PS2?

make spiderman jump 30 times

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