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What is the 1 millionth digit for pi?


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April 03, 2014 1:03PM


It depends on what you mean by the "millionth digit" - the millionth including the "3", or the millionth after the decimal point?

Here are is a site where you can find all the digits:

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If you click the link labeled "1 million" it shows all of the first million digits, and the last digit list, the millionth after the decimal point, is "1". If you consider "3" to be the first digit of pi, then the millionth digit would be the number before that, namely "5'.

This answer also assumes you mean "in base 10".

If you are looking for a specific number of pi in the order between the first (3) and the millionth (5) you can find any of them by just entering which one you are looking for at itsallaboutpi
The millionth digit is 5.