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What is the 22 re head bolt torq spec's?

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14ft lbs ea.

according to the Toyota service manual it is 58 ft/lbs this for clean dry bolts make sure also to clean out the bolt holes in the engine block before assembly

2011-09-13 18:17:41
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What are the cyl head bolt torque specs for a HONDA ZC 1.5?

cylimder head bolts stage 1 22 /lb-ft stage 2 48 /lb-ft

What are the 1998 Honda Accord 2.3l head bolt torque specs?

They need to be torqued to 22 lb.ft and then turn them 180 degrees in 2 steps start from the center and work out. Read more: 1998 honda accord 2.3L head bolt torque specs - JustAnswer

What is the head bolt torque specs for a Honda Foreman?

on a 2005 Honda foreman 500 hundred it is 22 ft-lb on the 8 mm bolt and 12 ft-lb on the 6 mm bolts

What is the head bolt specs on a 1998 Honda 450 foreman?

22 Ft. lbs on the 4 headbolts. 7 ft. lbs. on the two side bolts

Head bolt torque specs Hyundai elantra 1.8 1997?

The cylinder head bolts need to be torqued at * 10MM bolts 22 FT-LBS * 12mm bolts 26 FT-LBS

What are the cylinder head bolt torque specs for a 2002 Honda civic EX 1.7 L?

the answer is two steps first 22 ft lb the second is 49 ft lb

What are the torque specs for a Honda recon 250 head bolts?

22 ft lbs

What are the head torque specs on a Polaris trail boss 250?

20-22 ft lbs.

What is Honda recon 250 cylinder head torque specs?


What is torque specs for 1980 Honda cm400 motorcycle head cover?

22 to 25 Ft/lbs

What is specs torque for cylinder head bolt for BMW 318I 4cylinnder?

30 nm or 22 inche lbs first run then tourqe 90 degrees third run an aditional 90 degrees all in the proper sequence

1996 contour 4 cly head bolt torque specs?

stage 1 - 15 to 22 ft-lbs; stage 2 - 30-37 ft-lbs; stage 3 - tighten an additional 90� to 120� (degrees)

Head bolt torque specs on a C-12 Caterpillar engine?

120ft lbs first- 160ft lbs second then mark heads turn another 1/4 turn outside smaller dia bolts are 22 ft lbs

Head bolt torque specs and sequence on a 2001 Honda accord?

Its best to get an engine manual from the local parts house first. The bolts have to be tightened in a certain order. The torque is 22 ft. lbs them turn them 90 degrees two more times.

4.3l head bolt torque spec?

First Pass 22 FT lbs Final Pass Long Bolt 75 Degrees Final Pass Medium Bolt 65 Degrees Final Pass Short Bolt 55 Degrees

Cylinder head torque specs for an 85 crx si?

depending on what engine and type 1.5 is first round 22 and second round 43ft lbs starting from the middle and work your way outward. this is correct but you start at number 1 bolt that's in the middle closest to radiator then go to #2 which is the middle bolt in the back then 3,5,4,6,7,9,8,10 this is the order of the bolts you torque make sure you do the 1st sequence at 22 lbs then the 2nd sequence at 44lbs if you don't do it correctly you will have the same problem a head gasket not sealing drive the car for about 500 to 800 miles and re-torque the head bolts after the head sets down highly recommended to do so

What is the head bolt torque for a 1995 4.0 ford ranger?

22 ft pounds then 52 ft pounds, then another 90 degrees Both head gaskets are NOT the same!

2000 Saturn 1.9 sohc head bolt torque?

First pass 11lbft, 22....33lbft then additional 90 degrees

How old is bolt?

he is 22

How old is a Stevens model 840 bolt action 22?

stevens bolt action 22 model 840

Winchester bolt action 22 s l lr?

Winchester made numerous bolt action 22 rifles.

What is the Head bolt torque specs elantra 2.0 2004?

the torque is a 4 step process 1 torque all bolts to 22 ft/lbs 2 torque all bolts to 45 ft/lbs 3 recheck all bolts to 45 ft/lbs 4 torque bolts 1 thru 10 to 110 ft/lbs bolt 11 to 100 ft/lbs bolts 12 thru 14 to 110 ft/lbs bolt #1 is the fourth bolt from the front on the passenger side....#2 is the fourth bolt on the drivers side then you continue in a clockwise order

Head bolt torque specs Hyundai elantra 2.0 2003?

On a 2.0L 2003 Elantra, the M10 head bolts should be tightened in sequence first to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Newton meters) and the M12 head bolts to 26 ft. lbs., (35 Newton meters). Then each bolt is turned + 60 degrees in turn, then another +60 degrees. The order of each bolt, when the timing belt is to the left of the head is: Back 8, 6 is in upper left, followed in clockwise direction by 2, 3, 7, 8, 4, 1, 5. The front 8 has 8 in upper left followed in clockwise direction by 4, 1, 5, 6, 2, 3, 7.

What are the wheel specs on a 1967 oldsmobile's vista cruiser?

22 inch

Springfield rifle bolt removal?

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