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This amendment delays the enaction of salary changes for US Senators or Representatives, in that any changes will not go into effect until after the next Congressional election.

It was submitted in 1789, but only ratified in 1992, more than 202 years later.

Text of the Amendment

No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

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Q: What is the 27th Amendment?
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Gregory Watson is associated with which amendment?

Gregory Watson is associated with the 27th amendment because he led the movement to get the amendment ratified. The 27th Amendment was ratified in May of 1992.

What amendment limits on congressional salaries?

the 27th amendment

What amendment to the constitution to 74003 days to ratify?

27th amendment

What was the topic of the 27th amendment?

The 27th amendment to the Constitution refers to the wages of senators and congressmen. Essentially, the amendment prevents congress people from giving themselves a salary increase.

What did the 27th amendment do?

The 27th amendment became law in 1992. It prohibited Congress from increasing or decreasing the salary of congressmen in the term they were serving.

Why did you have to make the 27th amendment?


When was the 27th amendment ratified?


Ratified and current amendment?


What is the 27 admenment?

the 27th amendment eliminates the amendment that prohibits alcohol.

When was the last amendment written?

The 27th amendment, which was finally ratified in 1992.

What year was the last amendment to the constitution?

1992 the 27th amendment was passed.

What amendment prevents congress from passing immediate pay increases?

the 27th amendment

Who is the author of the 27th amendment?

James Madison

When was the 27th amendment proposed?

It was introduced in 1789.

Who wrote the 27th Amendment?

james madison

What amendment creates the income tax?


What year was the last amendment ratified?

The last amendment, which is the 27th Amendment to the United States Constitution, was ratified in 1992.

What was the most recent amendment in the constitution that was passed?

the 27th amendment was the most recent to be passed

Which amendment took over 200 years to be ratified?

the 27th amendment

When was the 27th amendment and who was president?

---- May 7th, 1992

What amendment created the persnal income tax?


How did the 27th amendment affect members of congress?


What year was the 27th constitutional amendment passed?


Most recent amendment to the constitution?

27th amendment, prohibiting congressmen from raising their own pay

What amendment requires that congressman wait until the new election to collect on a raise?

The 27th amendment.