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What is the Action Replay code for the Old Sea Chart on Pokemon Emerald?

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it is 190365898998989798-5909871342

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How do you get the old sea chart on Pokemon emerald without using the action replay or a special event?

sorry you can't

How do you get the Deep Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald?

The only way to get it is to go to a live event or use an Action Replay or Gameshark.

How do you get the old sea chart in Pokemon Emerald Ruby Sapphire FireRed and LeafGreen?

action replay or gameshark, if you havnt been to the Nintendo event

How do you get the old sea chart without using Nintendo event or action replay?

It is not possible to receive the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald without going to an event or using a GameShark.

How far in the game is mew in Pokemon Emerald?

you cannot aquire mew in Pokemon emerald unless you use a gameshark/action replay or obtain the old sea chart from a Nintendo event in America ( in real life ).if you have the old sea chart you can then travel to faraway island where you find mew.

How do you get an old sea chart in Pokemon emerald without using cheating or hacking devices like an action replay or a gameshark?

You can't.. You had to be at a nintendo event at a certain time but they dont have them anymore.

Where can you find the old sea chart in Pokemon emerald version?

The old sea chart is only obtainable through a live Nintendo event. There hasn't been one for ruby sapphire or emerald in years, so you cant get one, unless you cheat using a gameshark/action replay

How do you get to the far away island in emerald?

you have to obtain the old sea chart which you obtain in a nintendo event or an action replay code

How do you get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald without using an Action Replay?

Keep and Eye out for special events that are offering the Chart there was one a few months ago... You might want to Join Nintendo's Mailing List so you get information on such things.

How do you get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Sapphire?

Getting the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon SapphireTrade or battle from a Pokemon game that has it.Get an Action Replay(MAX or Normal) and enter the code. Other web sites have it... you can only get an Action Replay on Ebay I think!!!WARNING!!: This may ruin your game- getting Action Replay-- and you would have to make another save file to restart. (It ruined my Fire Red!)

How do you you read the Pokemon emerald Braille chart?

get the emerald guide book

How do you get Deoxys or Mew or Celebi in Pokemon LeafGreen without the e-reader cards?

to get deoxys you have to download the aurora ticket by going to a Nintendo sponcerd event or use an action replay. to get mew you have to trade from emerald (we don't know how to get the old sea chart in the u.s but we know it will be relased eventualy i know because my cousin took my emerald to japan and downloaded it and i caught it i know he didn't use a code because he has a recpit from the people who downloaded it for him)or use an action replay to get celebi you have to use an action replay.

How do you get Mew to obey you in Pokemon?

If you caught Mew by using a cheat to make it appear as a wild pokemon, it won't obey you. If you have Pokemon Emerald, you can use the 'Old Sea Chart' to get Mew properly. Another way would be to use the 'Box 1 Slot 1' Mew cheat by using a Gameshark or Action Replay.

How do you go to far away island in Pokemon games?

You have to get the old sea chart by using action replay since there are no more Nintendo events.

How do you get to Faraway Island on Pokemon Emerald?

Old sea chart

How To Go Faraway Island In Pokemon Emerald?

You need the old sea chart.

How do you get the old sea chart in Pokemon fire red?

You can't without using cheatcodes. The Old Sea Chart is only obtainable and useable in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you find the old sea chart in Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen Sapphire Ruby Emerald?

You can't find the Old Sea Chart for Mew in regular gameplay. Nintendo didn't give out the Map, they just gave out the Mew. You could've gotten the Mew at the Event, but if you didn't, the only other way to get Mew is to cheat via Gameshark, Action Replay, CodeBreaker, ect.

How do you acquire the old sea chart in Pokemon emerald?

get it from an old man in shoal cave

How doyou catch mew on Pokemon Emerald?

You must get a Old Sea Chart from a Nintendo Event.

What is the code for the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald?

There only are 2 ways to get MEW 1. Get the Old Sea Map from a special Nintendo Event and board a ship form Lilycove City to Faraway Island. There you will find Mew (Event expired) 2.Use the Action Replay/Gameshark Code (E124B2B1 A46B45AB)

Where and how to get the old sea chart in Pokemon emerald?

cant noway unless you do 1 of two things 1 Pokemon event2chaet divise

How do you get to Faraway Island in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to have an Action Replay or GameShark.AnswerThe official way to get to Faraway Island would be to obtain the Old Sea Chart which is given away during Nintendo Events. This item gives you access to the island where (after much navigation) you are able to encounter and catch Mew. Unfortunately, it looks like Nintendo no longer hosts these sorts of events for Pokemon Emerald, so cheating devices like those above are used to gain access to the island.

How do you get the old sea chart as a mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

You CANT Get It As A Mystery Gift In ANY POKEMON GAME!To Get The Old Sea Chart,All You Have To Do Is Go To A Nintendo Event.Good Luck Getting It!;]

Were do you find the farfaraway chart on Pokemon emerald?

you cant you've got to go to a Pokemon convention i did this now ive got mew AND mewto :-)