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yed on really cool but hard.hope i helped yes. here is the warp code to birth island for emerald version. 4A99A22B 58284D2D just walk through any door and you are there. this does work ive tested it.

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Q: What is the Action Replay code to get to Birth Island in Pokemon?
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How do you get to Birth Island in Pokemon?

Getting to Birth Island in PokemonYou need a gameshark or action replay. The only other way is to go to one of there promotionals. You need to go to a Pokemon event to get the aurora ticket. If you download it on a gameshark or action replay it doesn't work.

How do you get doexys in Pokemon FireRed?

Get an Action Replay and get the Aurora Ticket and go to Birth Island.

What is Birth island on Emerald?

It is an island where you can catch Deoxys there. But you need a Game Shark or Action Replay to get there.

How do you catch deoxyis in Pokemon Sapphire?

If you want deoxys in Pokemon sapphire, you need an action replay, or an game shark. Or trade from an emerald game that been to birth island, and has caught deoxys.

How do you get dxoses on Pokemon emerald?

Deoxys can be found only by obtaining the aurora ticket at a Nintendo event and using it to get to birth island. Either that or by using an Action Replay.

How do you catch on island 8 in Pokemon firered?

Island 8 known as birth island is only available if you have the aurora ticket which was given out at a Nintendo event that happened years ago. If you want to go to birth island the only way to access it now is to use gameshark or action replay.

Where to catch Deoxys Pokemon sapphire?

You can catch Deoxys at Birth Island. However, unlike other legendaries in the game, you can't catch it under normal circumstances. You have to use an Action Replay/Gameshark to be able to access Birth Island and catch Deoxys.

How do you get to birth island without gameshark or action replay?

You can't, unless you got the Aurora or Mystic Ticket from a Nintendo Event

On Pokemon Ruby were do you get Deoxys?

You can actually get it in regular game play. If you missed it at the event, then you can cheat using Action Replay, Game Shark, Code Breaker ect. to teleport to Birth Island where it's found.

How do you get to Birth Island on Pokemon FireRed?

You need to get the Aurora Ticket.You cant without a special ticket obtained at events that havn't been held in about 5 years, gameshark or action replay using the codes. :) hope this helped

How do you get to birth island on firered?

You have to teleport there using an action replay or a gameshark. If you don't want to use that method, your alternative is going to a Nintendo sponsored event and getting the mysticticket which will allow you to go to Naval Rock and Birth Island.

How can you go to outer space in Pokemon emerald?

No such things. I believe it at first. But after I use an action replay,there no such thing as space. Doexy is at Birth island,which is a Nintendo event which have passed. Jirachi too. There's nothing with the rocket and the white stone .

How do you get Deoxys in space center?

You don't, because that's just a rumor. In reality, you get it at Birth Island, which you can only access with the use of Action Replay or Gameshark.

How can you get to birth island in Pokemon platinum?

i have beaten the game, and there is no birth island.

How do you get the birth island ticket?

A NoA Event, or Action Replay/Gameshark. A NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event; Very Rare; A NoA Event, or Action Replay/Gameshark. A NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event; Very Rare; Chicago A NoA Event, or Action Replay/Gameshark. A NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event; Very Rare; Chicago/New

Pokemon Emerald how to go to birth island?

the way to get to birth island is to get the auroua ticket

What is the name of the island the Deoxys are on in Pokemon Emerald?

Birth island

What island is deoxys in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get deoxys at birth island

What is the gameshark code on Pokemon Sapphire To warp to Birth island?

1986 (U) Emerald Action Replay v3 (m) D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 Anti DMA (Must Be On) B2809E31 3CEF5320 1C7B3231 B494738C ARv3 While walking though door Press Right Shoulder+A button to Warp to Birth Island(Deoxys) 03755363 E2A7A2DB A3985CC3 3E590234

What is the code for birth island in Pokemon diamond?

There is no Birth Island in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games.

Does completing the Hoenn Dex in Pokemon Emerald mean that you need to find the legendary Pokemon?

Within reason. You need to have Raquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, The Regis, and the Latis. All others legendaries (Jirachi & Deoxys) aren't needed. Yes that is right, and also here ae some action replay codes for deoxys in emerald: Use both of these and go to the ferry in lilycove an talk to the ladythat ets you into the ferry, then turn the action replay off. on the island there is deoxys. Also i dont consider this as ceating as there is no other way to get deoxys apart from going to a ninteno event. Now even when your not using the action replay you can just go to the ferry and go to Birth island (where deoxys is, you can only catch him once) Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Aurora Ticket:667FC137 C4C35C38 Faraway Island & Birth Island Enabler:C0443E89 7B97FEC20976A51E FE4031B6

How do you catch Mew in LeafGreen or FireRed without going to an event or using Action Replay or GameShark?

You should look around the island for a old calender then go to the Vermilion town get a ship to birth island and find mew

Pokemon ruby how to go to birth island?

youyou can cheat a codebreaker to go in birth island you cant visit birth island without cheat

Where to get Deoxys in Pokemon emerald?

Birth island.

Where is Deoyxs in Pokemon FireRed?

its on birth island