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a snowy cave with lots of rocks

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wat is the scientific name for arctic wolfs?

Vulpes lagopus

What animals are predators in the arctic tundra?

wolfs,arctic fox and polar bears

What is a code that works for animal jam arctic wolves?

arctic wolfs rock

What is the arctic fox shelter?

what is the arctic fox shelter

What animals in the arctic are carnivores?

Wolfs, stuff like that

What shelter did the arctic people have?

the pro answer would be an igloo for what the arctic people have for shelter.

Who is at the top of the food chain in the arctic?

polar bears, arctic wolfs, and the great red fox.

What is the population of the arctic wolf?

there about 1.5 million Arctic wolfs left in the country of the united states

What is a common place for a wolf to live?

it is simple the go on Google and type in where do wolfs live and it will say all different types of wolfs arctic wolfs and all other wolfs. most wolves in north America live deep in forests

What do timberwolves use as a shelter?

timber wolfs use old caves and bundled trees as shelter because its sheltered from the rain!

What are some endangered species in the Tundra?

polar bears, snowy owls, arctic wolfs

Where do Arctic wolves get shelter?

in a cave

What type of shelter does the Arctic live in?

Nothing. The arctic is a biome, not an animal or human that needs to find shelter when it sleeps or during bad weather.

What does the arctic fox do for its shelter?

The arctic fox lives in burrows on the side of hills. During blizzards it may tunnel into snow to create a shelter.

Do any wolves live in Antarctica?

There are wolves in the Arctic but not in Antarctica.

What kind of dog are in the arctic?

Usally Wolfs or Huskies considering how humans use Huskies for sleding....

What is the gray wolfs shelter?

The grey wolf's shelter is usually a den dug in the ground on a hillside or it can be underground with a tunnel about three meters long leading to where the cubs are.

What is the Arctic wolf's habitat?

what is a artcic wolves predators Arctic wolves inhabit Arctic land masses, they do not inhabit permanent Arctic ice sheets. the Aritc wolfs habitat is North America, Europe, the middle east and Asia Arctic: along the

What are the animals in Animal Jam 2016?

Goats, Arctic Wolfs, Arctic Foxes, Foxes, wolfs, pandas, monkeys, cheetah, lion, tiger, and some more that I don't remember, that's why I'm gonna come back later and edit this with all of the animals. :T

Where does an Arctic fox take shelter besides in a den?

The Arctic fox has an extensive burrow and seeks shelter there. Some call it a den or a lair or an earth.

What kind of shelter does an arctic tern need?

The arctic tern is a nest in the northern arctic. THE ARCTIC TERN IS THE BEST BIRD IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Where do seals find shelter?

arctic seals live on the

How do the people in the arctic tundra get shelter?

They build houses.

How do Arctic animals survive frostbite?

Arctic animals have thick blubber and fur to help ,but sometimes they have to get in a den or shelter.

How do Arctic foxes raise their babies?

by going out and getting it food and shelter