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What is the Asian theater in World War 2?

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You are thinking of the Pacific Theater or PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations). It is the U.S. versing the Japanese.

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World War 2 had a death toll of fifty million people in the African and European Theater of the war. There were twenty million people who died in the Pacific and Asian Theater of the war.

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

Most Asian countries were involved in World War 2

The two most fought theaters in World War 2 were: -European Theater -Pacific Theater Also, the Russian Theater is probley third.

Over one million Asian soldiers died in World War 1.

It was a world war because it involved all the worlds superpowers and was fought throughout the world eg. Western and Eastern European theater, North African theater, Pacific theater etc.

No Asian country started the World War II. Germany (which is in Europe), is the country who started the World War II by Hitler and the Nazis.

The US participated in both the European Theater and Pacific Theater of World War 2 and with the cooperation of the Allies they were victorious in both theaters.

Eisenhower was the commander of the European Theater of Operations.

Two theaters of WW2 were the European theater and the Pacific theater.

there were actually 4 theaters of war world 2:pacific theaterEuropean thearternorth African theatermediterranean theateri don't know the roles they had in each...but i know that these are right...

Pacific Theater of Operations

Thailand, Japan, Manchukuo were Asian allies in the Axis Forces.

World War two was fought for the most part in what is called the European Theater and the Pacific Theater. The European theater consisted of all of Europe (except spain) all the way to Western Russia. The Pacific theater consisted of many islands in the Pacific ocean, Japan, the Philippeans (sp?), Burma, and many other Asian countries, including Indochina (now vietnam, cambodia, etc)

World War 2 in the European Theater ended after the occupation of Germany by the allies (Britain and America) and Russia.

May 8th, 1945 was the end of the War in the ETO.

In the Pacific theater: Tokyo Rose.

The bloodiest battle in the Pacific theater during World War 2 was the battle for Luzon in the Philippines. It is estimated that there were between 332,000 and 345,000 casualties.

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