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Q: What is the BEST baking chocolate for Italian biscotti?
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What are some Italian biscotti?

Biscotti means biscuits in Italian. One of Italy's best biscuits or biscotti are Krumiri from Casale Monferrato in Piemonte. I work across the street from Ferrara's Bakery, (Yes the one's who created the Atomic Fire Balls and its still family run) Its located on the Corner of Taylor and Ogden.

Can Use chocolate chips instead of baking chocolate?

Not generally -- because there is unsweetened (baking chocolate). The best thing to substitute is cocoa powder and butter/oil/shortening. For each ounce of baking chocolate substitute 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of butter (or oil/shortening).

What type of chocolate sells best?

The type of chocolate that sells best is milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is also a top seller. Bakers enjoy buying semi-sweet chocolate for all of their baking needs.

Where can someone find a recipe for baking chocolate?

The best place to find recipe for baking chocolate is at a local library. There are many cookbooks and magazines that have chocolate recipes and a librarian would be able to help one to find these books.

What is a Pasticceria best known for?

A pasticceria is an Italian bakery, confectionery or pastry shop. A pasticceria serves and sells biscotti, Italian breads, cheeses and pastries. One can also find selections of wine and espresso at a pasticceria.

What is the best fancy chocolate dessert?

Try chocolate mousse or french silk pie, which is a pie but it has delicious chocolate inside, trust me, im a baking freak. :-)

What are the best cookies to bake?

The best cookies to bake depends on who you are baking for and your skill level. A good starter cookie to bake is the Toll-house chocolate chip cookie recipe, which you can find on chocolate chip bags in your grocery store's baking aisle.

What is the best way to cure lassitude?


What cookbooks contain a recipe for chocolate frosting?

Chocolate frosting is a common recipe in many baking books. Better Homes and Gardens, All-American Desserts, Blue-Ribbon Country, and The Best Bake Sale Ever are all popular baking books that carry several recipes for chocolate frosting.

What are some Italian traditional Christmas gifts?

I think chocolate always is the best gift.

Does unsweetened baking chocolate go bad?

Yes, unsweetened chocolate can go bad in two ways: 1) Developing chocolate bloom (safe to eat, just unattractive) 2) Developing mold (Don't eat) You will know instantly just by looking at it if either of these two problems has affected your baking chocolate. Otherwise, baking chocolate will keep indefinitely, though it will lose its characteristic chocolatey flavor and scent over time, eventually becoming tastless (though still edible) after a year or two. For good results, it's recommended that you not keep baking chocolate longer than 6 months, for although it will begin to lost flavor sooner than that, unless you are a connoisseur or baking for a connoisseur, it's not very noticable. The best way to store your chocolate, baking or otherwise, is in a cool, dry place away from heat or light. Storing in the refrigerator is not recommended as chocolate will absorb any nearby scents, affecting flavor. Additionally, refrigerating or freezing good-quality chocolate will negatively affect the quality of the chocolate, not to mention will most likely also cause your chocolate to bloom.

How much chocolate is too much for a dog?

Chocolate is NEVER good for dogs. but sometimes it's not bad enough to be noticed. How much will vary depending upon the type of chocolate, the percentage of cacao in the chocolate and the size and health status of the dog. In general, it is easier to say that any chocolate is too much, because the only safe amount of chocolate for all dogs is "none". It's best to avoid having ANY type of chocolate within the dog's reach. Baking Chocolate is the worst kind of chocolate to give to a dog.

Can you use self rising flour in chocolate chip cookies?

All-purpose flour is the best as self rising has leavening agents(i.e. baking soda, baking powder) in it. If you only have self rising flour do not add the leavening agents that the cookie recipe calls for.

Can you use chocolate baking squares instead of cocoa?

Not really, as each has very different properties and it can affect the cooking time and outcome. It is best to stick with what the recpie calls for.

What is the worlds best selling chocolate?

Cadbury Chocolate is the best selling chocolate in the world

What is the best chocolate in world?

Well the best chocolate in the world IS ENGLISH chocolate in first place the NZ chocolate in second .

What is the best potato for baking?

Best potato for baking: Russet Potato

What is the best chocolate for chocolate sculpting?

milk chocolate

Where can I purchase the best baking pans?

There are many places to buy baking pans which are voted best by consumers. A few of such places to buy these baking pans is the Best Buy and Walmart.

What is the best selling brand of milk chocolate in the US?

I think that the best selling chocolate is kitkat I think that the best selling chocolate is kitkat

Baking chocolate chip cookies with cumin or cardamon?

While cumin would be a novel flavor, I think best to stick with the cardamon and perhaps a touch of extra vanilla. Cumin is a savory flavor that although can go well with chocolate, may be a bit much for the rest of the ingredients.

What sort of chocolate sell best?

milk chocolate sell the best

What is the best chocolate candy?

I would say hershey's chocolate is the best!

What is the best chocolate making country?

I personally think that Germany makes the best chocolate. Try Ghirardelli chocolate.

Is butler's chocolate the best chocolate the world?

That's a matter of opinion, so there is no right or wrong answer. If someone says that "Butler's chocolate is the best chocolate in the world," then they are asking for someone else to say, "Cadbury is the best chocolate in the world," and so on. But whatever is the best chocolate, just make you sure enjoy it!