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the pressure of a fluid decreases when its speed increases.

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The basic theory was first discussed and proposed by Bernoulli.

Yes. The Bernoulli equation for unsteady potential flow is used in the theory of ocean surface waves and acoustics.

He said that the particles made up the matters

Swiss mathematician and physicist Daniel Bernoulli discovered what is known as the Bernoulli effect, or the Bernoulli Principle.

The country Bernoulli from is Switzerland

The Bernoulli equation was formulated by Daniel Bernoulli who was a Swiss mathematician. The Bernoulli equation is basically a statement of the conservation of energy in fluid dynamics.

bernoulli was an amazing helper

Bernoulli is a family of Swiss mathematicians.

Daniel Bernoulli has written: 'Principes hydrostatiques et me caniques, ou, Me moire sur la manie re de diminuer le roulis et le tangage d'un naivre' -- subject(s): Stability of ships 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Die Werke von Daniel Bernoulli: Band 3' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Hydrodynamica, sive de viribus et motibus fluidorum commentarii' 'Hydrodynamics, by Daniel Bernoulli, (and) Hydraulics, by Johann Bernoulli' 'Lettres de Jean Bernoulli, le pere, a Euler' 'Die Werke von Daniel Bernoulli ; Band 1 (Die Werke von Daniel Bernoulli)' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Hydrodynamica' -- subject(s): Fluid mechanics, Early works to 1800, Hydromechanics, Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica' 'Danielis Bernoulli ... Hydrodynamica'

In the movie, Francesco Bernoulli is Italian.

daniel bemo he said that the particles made up the matters

J. Bernoulli has written: 'Ars conjectandi, opus posthumum' 'Jacobi Bernoulli, Basileensis, opera'

steve jobbs dicovered the bernoulli effect

Daniel Bernoulli died in Basel, Switzerland.

"I like kids" - Daniel Bernoulli

hat type of scientist was Bernoulli?

Daniel Bernoulli was born in Groningen, Netherlands.

The first scientist is considered Daniel Bernoulli, in 1738; but some ideas existed since antiquity.

Johann Bernoulli was born on July 27, 1667.

Daniel Bernoulli was born on February 8, 1700.

Jakob Bernoulli was born on January 6, 1655.

Jakob Bernoulli died on August 16, 1705.

Jacob Bernoulli was born on December 27, 1654.

Nicolaus I Bernoulli was born on October 21, 1687.

Jakob II Bernoulli died in 1789.

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