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The closest living relative to the blue whale among the land dwelling animals is the Hippo. There is an article with fairly simple language and good graphical support here No whale, dolphin, fish,(etc.) has a relative on land. You may want to visit

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Q: What is the Blue Whales closest relative on land?
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What is the manatees closest land dwelling relative?

The closest land relative known to the manatee is the elephant.

Are blue whales mammoth?

No if they were they be on land

What species is the closest to the manatee?

The dugong is the manatee's closest relative, but the elephant is the manatee's closest relative on land, which is odd because manatees are called "sea cows."

Can blue whales survive on land?

Er... No?!!

How do blue whales adapt to their habitat?

their eyes adapt to both land and water blue whales are very unique animals

Who is John Frobysler?

John Frobysler is a relative of Martin Frobisher. He was granted land in Whales.

Can the blue whale survive on land?

No, blue whales can't survive on land because they have breath in water to stay alive.

What species of land animal is the closest surviving relative of the extinct woolly mammoth?


What species of land animal is the closest surviving relative of the extinct wooly mammoth?

Indian elephant

What two groups of animals that share a common ancestor with whales?

Land animals closest to whales and dolphins are hippos, and other hoofed animals like cows and deer!

How do humans help blue whales survive?

Keep noisy boats and water engines away from them and if you see a blue whale on land call an animal rescue emergency number immediately. But we humans are helping to keep danger and boats away from the Blue Whales environment. But you can also donate to a charity to help Blue whales:-).

Why are whales not fish?

Whales are mammals. Whales are not fish for several reasons. They get oxygen from the air. They give milk to their babies. Inside their ear they have a construction unique for mammals. Some scientist believe that they used to live on land long time ago. The elephant is the closest family to whales.

Are blue whales the biggest species of fish?

No. Blue whales are the largest living animal, both sea and land, but they aren't fish, they're mammals. They breathe with lungs, give live birth, suckle their young etc.

What is the noisist animal in the world?

The noisiest animals, in water, are Blue Whales. The noisiest animals, on land, are the howling monkeys!

How many legs does a blue whale have?

The Blue Whale is a decedent of a land mammal. It evolved to live in the water yet vestigial leg bones still exist within the body of Blue Whales.

Are Elephants are the largest animals?

Elephants (in particular, the African elephant) and the largest (heaviest) of land animals. Blue whales are the largest mammals. Giraffes are the tallest land animals.

Which is the biggest animal on land and water?

The biggest land animal is the African elephant, and the biggest water animal is the blue whale. Whales are much bigger than elephants.

How far is Hawaii from the closest land?

Hawaii is about 1,000 miles from the closest land (that is not an island).

Can whales walk on land?


Can whales live on land?

Whales are mammals that are adapted to survive in the ocean. If a whale comes to land, it will eventually die.

Explain why it is believed that whales were once land animals?

it was believed that whales were land animals because i said so

Why does a blue whale live under water?

Blue whales are massive and have adapted to live in the water. Water provides extra support for them, as their bodies are not designed to hold that much weight on land.

The zone of a lake or pond closest to the edge of land?

A lake or pond closest to the edge of land

When Koreans call their land a shrimp among whales they are reffering to?

Actually, Koreans do not refer to their land as "a shrimp among whales."

Which evidence shows whales were envolved from land based animals?

Fossil evidence shows whales were envolved from land animals