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I know my life is peaceful and harmonious

I live with compassion

I love and nurture myself

I do not criticize others or myself

I channel my anger into constructional acts

I live in the present releasing the past> I reach out in loving service

I harmonize with nature and all others in my world

I accept greater peace in my life now

And so it is

COMPASSION from CO- which mean Togetherness, and PASSION, which mean Strong Feeling..... When we see someone in distress and we feel their pain as if it were own, and strive to eliminate or lessen their pain, then this is compassion..

AnswerOpen link on right and click "Compassion" AnswerIn Tibetan Buddhism, compassion is defined as the wish that other may be free from suffering and from the causes of suffering.

The Dalai Lama describes compassion as a combination of empathy and reason. It means to be both warm-hearted and wise or practical.

The Tibetan term for compassion has many meanings, like love, kindness, affection, gentleness. But it does not involve pity.

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Why is compassion important to mahayana Buddhist?

Its important to them because, well in order to have peace, you have to have compassion for others if you're Buddhist.

What is greater than intelligence?

Love, Friendship, Understanding, Compassion, Mercy, Knowledge......... Love, Friendship, Understanding, Compassion, Mercy, Knowledge.........

What is the difference between compassion and mercy?

Compassion is having an understanding, mercy is unconditional love.

Aunt Alexandra showed under her sternness she possessed understanding and compassion true or false?

False. Contradictory statement. Sternness would not illustrate compassion or understanding.

What is the Christian understanding of compassion and love?

That you should have compassion for everyone and love everyone just as Jesus Christ did

What is a good way to live as a Buddhist?

Open link Buddhanet Audio and click Compassion."If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." Dalai Lama

What lies at the heart of the Buddhist religion?

Compassion for all sentient beings. If you ask the Dalai Lama what his religion is he says the same thing "Compassion is my religion".

Source of scandal and rumored to lack compassion?

The source of scandal and rumored lack of compassion is usually caused by mistrust and lack of understanding.

What do Buddhism people whisper into baby's ears?

BUDDHIST parents whisper:"may you be and receive compassion"

What do we lean about Alexandra after atticus and calpurnia leave?

she shows us compassion and understanding

What is a Buddhist temple?

a place for meditation and enrichment of the understanding of the world.

How to cure cold hearted person?

show them compassion and understanding...befriend them (or atleast attempt it) :)

What is the Buddhist understanding of karma?

see link "Law of Karma" below

What spiritial meaning is the second finger touching the thumb?

This is a Buddhist mudra (non-verbal communication) that signifies compassion.

What can Buddhist's do?

buddhist can practice dharma, be more compassion and help others in best possible way and achieve nirvana.

What other practices or behaviors are expected of Buddhists?

There are many specific practices, like saying mantras, meditating, doing prostrations, being charitable, making offerings and the like, but generally a Buddhist practitioner will see his or her entire life as being a practice; a part of the path, or Dharma. A Buddhist who does any activity with the earnest intention of benefiting all sentient beings is practicing the Dharma. Even while walking down the street, if one is thinking 'who is the "I" who is walking down the street? Is it my legs doing the walking? Is it my head, thinking about it? What is this thing I call "self"?' one is practicing the Dharma. A cornerstone of the Buddhist understanding of the world is that enlightenment can not be attained unless one has complete, uncompromised compassion for all sentient beings. All the practices of Buddhism are performed with the aim of understanding the true nature of the universe and of cultivating compassion. No specific behavior is required of a Buddhist, but it is understood that being kind, showing compassion and helping others are skillful means toward cultivating loving kindness. ignore all this its all crap

Are Tibetan monks made to have same-sex relations with each other?

No, no one is "made" to have same-sex relations. As in any single-sex institution where celibacy is the norm, some people may resort to same-sex relations. But any use of force between people is not a skillful means toward understanding the world. Compassion for all beings is a cornerstone of Buddhist thought. Buddhist monks, just like all people, are constantly learning how to perfect that compassion, and are sometimes mistaken about what will make them happy.

Founded as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory what Japanese camera company was renamed for the Buddhist bodhisatva of compassion and mercy?


Did Hindus and Buddhist believe in violence?

Hindus and Buddhists do not believe in violence. Their main belief is compassion to all living creatures.

What does humility forgiveness empathy honor and equality have in common?

Compassion for one another and an understanding of one's action and/or rationality

Sentence with the word imperious?

The soldier did not like his imperious commander because he did not show any sign of compassion or understanding.

Six things that make your family happy?

All you need is love faith, hope, understanding , forgiveness and compassion.

Is there a correlation between reading and compassion?

Yes. Reading generally increases awareness and understanding, which are far more likely to promote compassion than ignorance and stupidity are. Of course, it depends, to some extent at least, on what you read.

What are some symbols of forgiveness?

Love, compassion, understanding, empathy towards those who need forgiveness. Though these are not symbols but attributes.

What are some words for compassion?

deep feeling for and understanding of misery or suffering and the concomitant desire to follow alleviation. Tragic conciouness

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