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What is the Buddhist understanding of compassion?



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I know my life is peaceful and harmonious

I live with compassion

I love and nurture myself

I do not criticize others or myself

I channel my anger into constructional acts

I live in the present releasing the past> I reach out in loving service

I harmonize with nature and all others in my world

I accept greater peace in my life now

And so it is

COMPASSION from CO- which mean Togetherness, and PASSION, which mean Strong Feeling..... When we see someone in distress and we feel their pain as if it were own, and strive to eliminate or lessen their pain, then this is compassion..


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In Tibetan Buddhism, compassion is defined as the wish that other may be free from suffering and from the causes of suffering.

The Dalai Lama describes compassion as a combination of empathy and reason. It means to be both warm-hearted and wise or practical.

The Tibetan term for compassion has many meanings, like love, kindness, affection, gentleness. But it does not involve pity.