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DO NOT TOUCH THE FOLDER! It will break it nearly as much as deleting the system32 will!

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# rm -rf Target-folder Will remove the folder Target-folder and all it's contents .

Recycler folder is a system folder used to keep deleted files for later recovery. To remove this, simply reboot the system and tap F8.

I had downloaded folder Lock file from website. Now I am unable to install or remove ms office 2007. Pl.suggest what to do.

If you mean how to delete a virus from whatever folder it came from, it's best to delete the entire folder. Use an Antivirus or see where the file was downloaded.

You can remove a folder recursively with the command: rm -r dirname

Control panel > Folder options.

Simply remove the "team fortress 2" folder from your Steam folder or uninstall it on Steam.

left click on the desired folder and it will say: new folder, rename, remove, mark all read, empty spam, and empty trash. click on remove and it will ask you if you really want to permanently delete it. click yes

It could. If you want to save it then go to the save folder and make a duplicate or drag it into another folder and move it to your desktop, Documents or whatever folder.

Many times Explorer will remove or disable the Folder Option in Tools but there is a way to deal with it. If Folder Options is disabled but Registry Editor is still working in your system, then you can enable Folder Options by editing Windows Registry.

Remove the ' from your question, you wrote "how do you delete a folder and all it is apps in it at once". You don't need the apostrophe.

*you can go to system32 folder in c/windiow and remove the scr folder. * another method to remove the .scr first delete the all folder then also delete recycler .

make a folder in documents>electronic arts>sims 3>mods>packages. make a mods folder and in the mods folder make a package folder. then, go onto the website and add the mods to the packages folder! I'm warning you though, as of the newest patch, you may have difficulties with your game. I know I did and had to remove them. But, it might just be me so go ahead and try! If it dosent work, sadly, you will have to remove them.

Its not good to remove the whole folder,but you can remove some items inside it,but i would recommend not to touch it

you make a formate for your computer if the virus is too danger

There should be an option somewhere in your camera called "format"

In Dos-just write (DEL Folder Name) this command will delete all the Files inside that folder,then write (RD Folder Name) This will Remove your Folder. Remember both command contain Same folder name. Which you want to Delete.(DEL)command is used to delete Files. (RD) command is used to delete Folder

you burn the salt in a contained environment

Remove the path file you want to avoid to be added from "Add folder' in your Picasa file menu.

Its not recommended to remove them since they are a part of System file

You go to the folder it is in, highlight it and then press delete. ____ If you have already installed the game, and are using Windows, you can usually go into the Start menu, under Control Panel, and select the Add or Remove Programs option. Then, select the game and it should offer you a "Remove" option. That should remove it. If you haven't installed it yet, you can go to the folder where you downloaded the file, and delete it. Sometimes people have a "download" folder, or they might download to the desktop. If you remember what day you downloaded it, you can search (Start Menu --> Search) for things that were changed during that time, or since then. If the Add or Remove Programs option doesn't work, you can go into the game folder (wherever it was installed, which you choose when you install it), and delete the folder by hand. This isn't as good of an option because it doesn't delete any registry entries that were changed, or remove shortcuts that will now point to the missing folder.

If you can't remove the Acrobat Reader from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. You can manually delete that in the Program Files. Program Files is a folder in Microsoft Windows operating system where applications that are not part of the operating system are installed by default. Find the folder of Acrobat Reader and delete. To complete remove the Acrobat Reader Empty the Recycle Bin.

( Note : The folder name that keeps popping up is ³Ø½¼ Ç÷¯±× )

You may be able to use A-Patch (find it yourself...)

RD command is used to remove a directory (folder).

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