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#include <stdio.h>

void main()


int digi,num,i,sum=0;

printf("Enter the number of digits:");











printf("The sum of digits entered is %d",sum);



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C program to check whether a given number is binary or not?


Write a c program to check whether a number is binary or not?

#include&lt;stdio.h&gt; void main() { int n; clrscr(); printf("enter a no."); scanf("%d",&amp;n); if(n%10==0n%10==1) printf("yes binary"); else printf("not binary"); getch(); } }

Write a C program that takes a binary file as input and finds error check using different mechanisms?

write a c program that takes a binary file as input and finds error check using different mechanisms.

How to find height of subtree in a Binary tree?

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Write a program By using if else statement to read a number and check whether it is positive or negative?

write a c++program by using if statement to read a number and check whether it is positive or negative

What is a Desk check trace table?

Going through a program on paper to check whether it has errors.

Write a program to enter a number and check whether number is divisible by 7 or not?

wap to input a number and check whether it is divisible by 7 or no

Write a program that takes a binary file as input and finds error check using different mechanism?


How do you write a c program to find out whether the given input string is an identifier or not?

In order to achieve this you will need to provide a set of known identifiers to check against. These can be stored in an array of pointers to null-terminated strings, but the array needs to be in sorted order to take advantage of binary search. Ideally, the array itself should be null-terminated.

Where can you buy a 1993 Phillies program?

You will commonly find Phillies Programs on eBay. Do a search for "1993 Phillies program scorecard", and save the search. check back on a regular basis until you find the program you are looking for.

Write a program to check whether the number is divisible by 3?

maa ki aank

What does check digit mean in binary?

A check digit can be added to any set of numbers primarily to check for errors in the data. The check digit is seen as an equivalent to binary checksum which is used for the older and now less used binary system.

Why is binary search faster than sequential search?

In sequential search, you have to check each element in the list one after another, with a worst case efficiency of O(n).If you use binary search the list must be sorted), you are essentially cutting the remaining elements you must search in half with an efficiency of O(log n).For example, searching for 9:Sequential: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Binary: start at 4, 9 is higher you have 5 - 9 to the right. You check halfway through that "list", you see that 9 is larger than 7, so go right, repeat.

Can you write a C program to check whether a string is an IP address or not?

Use the Exception class and type converters.

How do you write a C program to check a Given Number Whether is it Palindrome or Not? palindrome

When is it not recommended to perform the operation of binary search?

In computer science, a binary search or half-interval search algorithm finds the position of a specified value (the input "key") in an array sorted[1][2] into order on the values of the key. At each stage, the algorithm compares the sought key value with the key value of the middle element of the array. If the keys match, then a matching element has been found so its index is returned. Otherwise, if the sought key is less than the middle element's key, then the algorithm repeats its action on the subarray to the left of the middle element or, if the input key is greater, on the subarray to the right. If the array span to be searched is reduced to zero, then the key cannot be found in the array and a special "Not found" indication is returned.A binary search halves the number of items to check with each iteration, so locating the an item (or determining its absence) takes logarithmic time. A binary search is a dichotomic divide and conquer search algorithm.Next AnswerA binary search method requires that the list of items being search should be sorted in ascending (or descending) order. If the search list is not sorted, the binary search method will not work and other search methods will be needed.

Lab manual in mca 1st sem from ignou?

write a program in C to check whether a given number is apalindrome or not

Write a C program to check whether the string is palindrome or not without using string length?

Yes, please do write.

Write a c program to check whether a string follows English capitalization rules?

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Could you write a assembly language program in tasm To check whether a given number present in a sequence of given memory location containing the string to be checked in 8086?

8086 assembly language program to check wether given number is perfect or not

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Most search engines do not search for viruses but may give you a rating based on what is known or not known about the site you are thinking of navigating to. Most search engines will give you a recommendation on whether the site is 'safe', 'unsafe', or 'unknown'.

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Any credit reference agency will do a search on you, and your address (for a fee) - to show whether you're still black-listed.

What is the hexadecimal of 58880 binary?

58880 cannot be binary. Please check the base for 58880 and then what base you want to convert it to and then resubmit.

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Binary code ...check out the link ...