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Cranberry in Chinese is '越桔'bopomofo is(yue jv) 越橘(yuè jú)

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Q: What is the Chinese name for the fruit cranberry?
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What is urdu name of cranberry fruit?


What is the oriya name of cranberry fruit?


What is the Telugu name of cranberry fruit?

beri kaya is the name of the fruit in telugu.

What is Hindi name for cranberry?

खीट. It is not found in india. An another indian fruit karaunda or karvan is misunderstood with cranberry.

What is the Chinese name for the fruit passion?

Xifanlian is sthe name in Chinese.

Is a cranberry a fruit?


Native Americans introduced this fruit to the settlers?

The: Strawberry, Cranberry, Tomato (yes a tomato is a fruit), Paw-Paw (Pawpaw), and Chili peppers (to name a few).

What is Wisconsin's state fruit?

Wisconsin's state fruit is the cranberry.

What fruit rhymes with hairy?


What is the state fruit of Massachusetts?

the cranberry.

What is a another name for a Chinese gooseberrie?

It's a fruit, named kiwi fruit.

Is there a fruit or fruit variety beginning with the letter c?


What is another name for a kiwi fruit?

Another name is the Chinese Gooseberry.

What is the name for a Chinese chestnut fruit?

Castanea mollissima

What is Hindi name of Cranberry fruit?

खीट (Kheet). It is not found in india. It grows in cold countries like North America, Canada, England etc. However you can get cranberry juice easily. It is sold in the name of Dabur Real Cranberry Juice in 1 litre pack.

What Jello flavor has real fruit?


What group is cranberry sauce in?

Cranberries are a fruit.

What fruit juices contain no acid?


Can cranberry fruit pills keep you clean?


Where did kareena Kapoor live in Mumbai?

Cranberry Fruit

What is a watery fruit beginning with the letter c?


Is the fruit of the American Cranberry Bush edible?

The fruit of the American Cranberry is quite edible and often used in jams and preserves. However, eating large amounts of the fruit all at once can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

In cranberry juice what is the solute and what is the solvent?

The solvent in cranberry juice is water, the universal solvent. The solutes in cranberry juice are the natural sugars, dyes, and other chemicals naturally found in the cranberry fruit.

What is the Chinese name for the fruit strawberry?

草莓 [cǎo méi]

What is cranberry called in Punjabi?

name of cranberry in punjabi