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What is the Commercial vehicle gun law in fl?

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A gun is not allowed in a commercial vehicle. This is a federal law and does not differ from state to state.


ACTUALLY, the FMCSR does not address the issue of guns in commercial vehicles. The existence of a federal law prohibiting firearms in commercial vehicles.. if it exists, I have yet to find anyone whose been able to cite it, and I've found nothing in repeated searches of the FMCSR pertaining to firearms.

However, you still have the matter of what your company will and will not allow to deal with, as well as what your customers may or may not allow. In most cases, you'll find that your company, your customers, or both are going to have regulations in place disallowing you to have a firearm in your vehicle or on their property.


The only Federal Laws pertaining to the transportation of firearms and explosives across state lines (federal jurisdiction) only pertains to the US Mail in that it is illegal (gun control act of 1964) to transport firearms, explosives or hazardous materials through the mail. (this does not preclude parcel services like UPS or FedEx.). Commercial vehicles on a regular basis transport hazardous materials, explosives and firearms in every state in the union. Commercial drivers in the various states must obey the laws of the individual states through which they pass, otherwise.


Actually, you CAN ship an unloaded rifle via the USPS. Handguns, however, are prohibited from being shipped in this manner.

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