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What is the Common Interface Port on LCD TV's used for?

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What is the Common Interface Port on LCD T.V's used for?

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What is a parallel slave port?

it is used to interface between controller and peripheral device.. peripheral device otherwise called external device such as LED,LCD...

What is the HDMI port?

An HDMI port, or a High Definition Multimedia Interface port, is used to present a true high definition picture on a screen as well as high quality sound. HDMI ports are often found on LCD or plasma flat panel televisions which can produce an HD picture.

Can a LCD flat TV be used as a computer monitor?

Yes, If TV has VGA or DVI interface.

How will you interface JHD162a LCD to PIC16F73?

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What is common between he LCM and LCD?

The same process can be used to find them. They're essentially the same thing, except the LCD is used with fractions.

What is liquid crystal used for?

TV's (LCD TV's)! The principal application is for displays with LCD, today extremely common.

Can a LCD screen connects to camera directly?

If the LCD screen has an USB port, then yes, it can.

Is LCD the most common type of flat panel technology used for small to medium sized computer monitors?

Yes, the LCD is the most common type.

Can I use an LCD TV as computer monitor?

Most recent LCD TV's can also be used as a computer monitor. You want to make sure that both your computer and your LCD TV have the same type of connection port. Look for either an S-video or an HDMI port and then go buy the appropriate cable, and you're set.

What is the Lowest Common Denominator for 729 and 8?

The lowest common multiple is 5832 which would be used for the LCD. 729 is 36 and 8 is 23. Since they have no common factors, you find the LCD by multiplying the two numbers.

What type of connection gives the best picture in a LCD monitor.?

An AGP port is best LCD t.v. and monitors

If you are installing a new LCD monitor what current standard port will you need for digital signals?

A DVI port

What is the LCD in math examples?

LCD stands for Lowest or Least Common Denominator. It's just like the LCM (Least Common Multiple) and is used to make fractions suitable for addition and subtraction.

What is the LCD of 8 and 35?

lcd = lowest common denominator. are these denominators of fractions, if so the lcd (since they have no common factors) is 8x35 = 280 if you mean lowest common divisor then the answer is 1

What is the abbreviation used for the least common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions?


The abbreviation used for the least common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions are?


What is an equivalent fraction of .21428571 using LCD?

You cannot use an LCD with just one number since the C in LCD stands for COMMON and you need more than one number before there is a possibility of anything being in common. 0.21428571 = 21428571/100000000 which cannot be simplified (and no LCD used in deriving that).

Will lcd HDMI cable work with led?

HDMI is an interface standard for connecting video sources to displays. The interface is designed to carry SD and HD signals from one device to another and is never concerned with the display technology being used. An HDMI cable that works with an LCD television will do exactly the same job with an LED television.

What is the LCD of 8 and 12?

The LCD (Least common denominators) is 24

In math what is the LCD?

In math, the LCD means the Lowest Common Denominator.

What is the LCD of 26 and 39?

The least common denominator (LCD) is 1.

What is the LCD 19 and 24?

The least common denominator (LCD) is 1.

The least common denominator (LCD) for and is .What is the least common multiple of 9 and 12?


What is the difference between the LCM and the LCD in math?

the lcd is the least common denominator but the LCM is the least common multiple.