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The Congo Basin forest is the world's second largest tropical forest, covering 700,000 square miles in six countries, and containing a quarter of the world's remaining tropical forest. This vast area hosts a wealth of biodiversity, including over 10,000 species of plants, 1,000 species of birds, and 400 species of mammals. It is also home to more than 24 million people, most of whom depend on the forest for their livelihoods.


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Q: What is the Congo Basin?
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Where is the Congo basin?

The majority of The Congo Basin is in the Democaratic Republic of Congo

The Nok of the Congo Basin were renowned for what?

the significance of the Nok of the Congo Basin

Which continent is Congo basin in?

Congo Basin are located on the continent Africa.

How was the Congo Basin formed?

the congo basin was formed by tectonic plates.

Where is the Congo drainage basin?

The drainage of the Congo Basin is in mid-southern Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

What continent is Congo basin located on?

Congo basin is located in the continent of Africa.

What is the continent of Congo basin rain forest?

The Congo Basin is located in Africa

What is the largest river flowing through the Congo basin and emptying in the Atlantic?

The Congo. That's why it's called the Congo Basin.

Is the Congo river basin the same thing as the Congo basin?

ok, i think you can figure that out on your own

What large river and its tributaries run through the Congo Basin?

The largest river that runs through the Congo Basin is the Congo River.

Which river formed the Congo basin?

The "Congo" river.

What is the annual precipitation in Congo Basin?

The annual rainfall for the Congo Basin is 1550 millimetres (61 inches).

What are the landforms of Congo Africa?

The congo basin and that is the only main landform in congo

What is the largest river in Congo Basin?

Also Congo river

What is the largest basin in south central Africa?

congo basin

What basin covers 12 percent of Africa?

The Congo Basin.

What is a large basin in south-central Africa?

the congo basin, or orange basin

What European country controlled the Congo basin in Africa?

Belgium controlled the Congo Basin area from about 1880 until 1960

In what country does the majority of the Congo basin lie?

Democratic Republic of the Congo

What large river runs through the Congo Basin?

The Congo River.

What is the largest river that flows through the Congo Basin?

the Congo river

What large river run through the Congo Basin?

The Congo River.

What country is the Congo basin in?

The Democratic of CongoHope I helped-Luke-

Where is Africa's rainforest?

the congo basin

Is there a rainforest in the Congo basin?