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What is the Delclaration of independence?


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A document written up by the founding fathers that demands independence from Great Britain.


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•The Declaration of Independence endures as the basic statement of the principles of American government.•The principles of the American government.

the reasons why the delclaration was wrote are so America could be free from the british.

Yes, the Delclaration of Independence is mainly based on Enlightenment ideals from philosophs like John Locke, Jean Jaques Rousseau, Montesqueiue, etc.

The Declaration of Independence stated the premise of the Social Contract, listed the grievances the colonies had against the British Crown, and formalized the colonies' intentions, stating that they "are, and by right ought to be, Free and Independent States."

It was 1776 and the exact quote is a bit uncertain, going along the lines of 'we must hang toghether, or [most?] [assuredly?] we will all hang separately'. It was Benjamin Franklin, at the congress, before signing the delclaration of independence.

There are quite a few... Independence, Missouri Independence, Ohio Independence, Maine Independence, Kentucky Independence, Iowa ...and plenty more, I am sure.

Independence, Virginia Independence, Missouri Independence, Iowa Independence, Kansas Independence, Kentucky Independence, Ohio Independence, Oregon Independence, California Independence, Minnesota (2 different cities, one west of Duluth and one west of Minneapolis/St. Paul) (found by entering "Independence" into MapQuest.)

On Independence Day we celebrate independence from the British.

They waged an independence war, to get their independence from Spain.

The Declaration of Independence was the document which declared independence of the colonists from Great Britain, making their independence "official."

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