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What is the Difference between an apple computer and windows computer?

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Well, they are made by 2 different companies. Also, they have different features, settings, programs, compatibilty and options. They are the same in some ways, but different in others. Apple Computers (Mac's) are thought to be better than Windows Computers, but this is only certain people's opnions. Anotehr difference is that Mac's apparently also run better, but the noticeable difference, isn't about the Computers themselves, its more about the Price!

Another, more important thing is that Apple Computers are normally used for composing and making things, like music, programming etc etc.

Also, for the last few years apples have been able to use windows applications without the use of emulators. There is now a program called bootcamp that allows you to partition your hard drive to include leopard and xp or vista on the same computer.

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What are the different functions of an Apple computer?

An Apple computer will do everything a Windows computer will do.

Who sells more computers apple or windows?

Windows is an operating system it is not a computer manufacturer. Apple is a computer manufacturer that sells lots of computers. The Windows operating system can be used on an Apple computer.

What apple computer can you run windows OS on?

An Intel processor Apple Computer.

How hard to learn how to use an apple computer?

If you had never used a computer before the Apple would be easier to learn than a Windows PC. But most people come to the Apple computer from a Windows machine they have been using for years. Therefore they carry with them many preconceived Windows ideas. Apple has no registry for one thing, and you do not have to install Anti-Virus software on an Apple computer no matter what anyone tells you. You can also accomplish any task on a Mac in many different ways. The Apple OSx is very easy to learn and the Apple website has many videos showing you the difference between Apple and Windows. Avail yourself of those videos and you will be all set. Took me about 1 week to get comfortable with Mac.

What is the difference between MacOS X and Windows?

One of them is that Mac OS X is made by Apple and Windows is made by Microsoft.

How do you video chat on an apple computer?

You can use facetime on an apple computer to video chat with another apple device. To video chat between apple and windows you have to use a third party program like skype

Difference between computer application and IT?

computer application is just software, IT (information technology) in general is an organization, or the persons within that organization. They are totally different, apple and Apple computer!

Is Windows XP professional an apple computer?

No it is a Windows PC. Apple computer run the OSx operating system which is currently called Snow Leopard.

What is win dow's?

Windows is the operating system on a Microsoft computer or an Apple computer running windows drivers. Without windows your computer would not work.

How do you turn of DOS on apple computer?

DOS is not part of an Apple computer, it is part of all Windows PCs.

What is the controversy between Apple and Microsoft?

There is no real controversy. Apple just sells a superior computer to any Windows computer built. That is where you will see the argument. Most Apple users were former Windows users. You would be hard pressed to find an Apple user that would ever go back to using a Windows PC. And most people that bad mouth Apple have never even owned an Apple computer. I have owned both and Apple just makes a computer that works day in and day out with no problems. Yes, they do cost more but they are well worth the price.

Can you open a CD from a windows computer program with an apple computer?

If the CD contains photos or music they will work on a Mac. If the CD contains a Windows program it will not run on any Apple computer.

What company made their computer first Apple or Windows?

Windows is an operating system produced by the Microsoft company. Windows is not a computer or a company. The first Apple computer was sold in July 1976. The first version of Microsoft's Windows operating system was sold in 1985.

What is the difference between clone computer and branded computer?

The difference is usually price and support. With a PC it means little, as the machine and the OS are separate things. With an Apple it means everything. Apple controls the machines and the OS for them.

How do you capture a picture sent from an apple computer to a windows computer?

The Apple computer will send the photo in JPEG format. Any Windows computer can read a JPEG format photo. Just send the photo in an email.

Does apple have better computers then Microsoft and windows?

I think apple computer is better, And I like apple computers better. In my opinion Microsoft and Windows are better.

What is the usage of apple computer?

The same uses as any other computer. Apple computers will do everything a Windows computer will do and in some case do it better. Graphic Designers, and Photographers use Apple computers because they tend to display graphics much better than a Windows computer.

Can you only run Apple programs on an Apple computer or can you put it on a Windows?

Most Apple software is designed to work on their Mac OS X operating system and will not work on a computer running the Windows operating system. Apple does make some of their software available for Windows such as iTunes and their Safari browser.

If you have a Dell PC and you want to reprogram it Can you put an Apple operating system on it instead of the new Microsoft XP operating system?

No. if you have an apple computer you can have windows xp but windows xp computer can not run apple sorry dude

Which are the two top computer software products?

Windows and Apple

Can you access windows live messenger on an apple computer?

What happens when you take an ipod that is synced to an apple computer and then sync it to a windows computer?


What is the difference between Apple and Microsoft?

Apple: Runs Macintosh Software OSx Operating Sytem Microsoft: Runs Windows Software OSzx Operating Systems Better Bang For Your Buck: Microsoft, Hewlet Packard, Windows Xp (Professional), Windows Vista (Not Recommended by me), and Windows Seven.

What are some differences between a Windows and an Apple desktop?

There are numerous differences between Windows and Apple desktops. However, with the advent of Windows 8 the differences between it, and Windows 7 are almost as much as with Apple. The key is that Apple has no start button and uses a dock that can be positioned along the bottom or sides of the screen. Apple's desktop is also more active being able to actually store files rather than mostly shortcuts to files located elsewhere. The difference is subtle, but important.

Is Photoshop the same in Apple and Windows?

Mostly, the only difference is a minor change in the aesthetics and all the shortcuts are CTRL for Windows and Command for Apple

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