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What is the Difference between batch and interactive processing?


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December 19, 2015 6:39PM

Batch Processing refers to something which is done in batch. Suppose say you are using a picture editing software and you want to make a common change in say, around 100 images, then it would be an arduous task to open each picture, make the change, save it, close it and repeat all these steps with all the hundred images. Instead, if the software supports batch processing option, then you can tell the software what needs to be done and select the set of files on which the process is to be executed. The software will automatically open the pictures, do the necessary changes, save the changes and close them.

It is collecting jobs in a single batch and then execute them without further interaction what the user.

Interactive Processing refers to doing this task manually, suppose the change you want to make is different with different pictures, then you cannot automate the task and will have to use the interactive user interface in the software and make the necessary change.

Interactive processing allows a program being executed to carry on a dialogue with the user through remote terminals. This requires real-time processing.