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= E-mail addresses and web addresses =

An e-mail address usually looks like somebody@somewhere.something The simplest way to recognise an e-mail address is the @sign.

If you see an address that has an @ sign in it you know it is an e-mail address, not a web address.

An e-mail address usually belongs to a person. You can use the address to communicate with that person using email.

* often begin "http://". Nowadays you don't have to type this bit in. * often contain "www." (which stands for World Wide Web) * have other "words" separated by full-stops (.) or forward-slashes (/) * often have the word "visit" before them in newspapers and magazines!

A web address is the address of a page on a computer or "web server". If you type a web address into your browser - or click on a link in a document - the webserver will send the page to your computer's browser so you can read it. (Your computer must be connected to the internet for this to be successful)

If you want to "visit" a web page, use your web browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox or others). Press + L and type in the web address (Remember to press at the end). You should see the page if you are connected to the Internet

Tip: If the address starts with www. you often don't have to type this bit in either. Just type the rest of the address. If you don't get the result you expect (<5% of the time), just try again including the www. this time

This is a very simplified explanation, but it should be a good start

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2020-09-28 19:29:43

Good people they know half of the definition
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2020-09-28 19:29:43

Good people they know half of the definition

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The web is the location of company,office of government,all around the world.however, the email address is personal mail box for people.

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I love this, at least it saved me from the itchy hands of my teacher

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What is the difference between a website address and an email?

email address is individual person address but web address is public address. email address is different for every one in the world but web address is same for every one in the world.

What is the difference between emailing and web based email?

Web-based email is emailing, the only real difference is you use your web browser instead of a dedicated program. ISPs that provide their own email address often have a web-based interface as well as settings for email clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express but apart from what you use to access youe mail account, there's no difference.

What is the different between email address and website?

A web-site is viewable by anyone - an email address is only viewable by the person that the address belongs to.

Difference between URL and web address?

They are the same thing.

What is the difference between www and email?

www = World Wide Web = web pages that (usually) anyone can see using a browser. email = email - messages directly between two or more people

The activity of using links to explore the web?


What is the difference between system-based email and web-based email?

System Base: You have to be at your computer to use the email on that computer. Web: You can log in to any computer in the world and check your email. (less security though)

Can you get a Facebook with out a email address?

No, in order to have a facebook account, you will have to have an email address. That is the way that most places are on the web.

The AutoFormat feature will format a Web or email address as a hyperlink after address text is followed by what key?

The autoformat feature will format a web or email address as a hyperlink after address text is followed by Home or Enter.

What is the suite life on deck's email address?

You have to contact them through AA web form as no email address is released.

What is difference between Email and web Email?

EMAIL An email client is a piece of software on pc that you use to read and send mails from your computer ALSO IN OFFLINE MODE ONLY SOFTWARES LIKE OUTLOOK IS REQUIRED. WEB MAILWeb Mail With web mail, you read or send email through your browser and the web mail interface. for eg. yahoo, gmail, rediffmail. One difference is that with an email client you can keep UNLIMITED messages on your computer, with WEB MAIL, messages are kept on the server and when the limit is reached the oldest are eliminated.

What is the difference between URL and email?

URL is Uniform Resource Locator whereas email is Address of Electronic Mail URL is the web address of a web page while email is used to send electronic messages to each other using computer networks. The email address is often used in lower case, while websites or web address are written in mixed letters. email is always used to receive electronic mails while web address is not used to receive any mails. A web address is used to access a website where information can be found while email is not used to get any information.

What is the difference between IP Address and a Web address?

The IP address is the ID that represents an Internet service provider, such as the one you're using to view the Internet. A web address it the address that represents a website which is controlled by certain IP addresses.

How can you send an Email when you don't have the complete Email address?

Without the complete address you can't send an email. To obtain the complete address you might try: 1] Contacting the receiver by other means to get the address 2] Using a search engine to run a web search on the receiver to see if their email address is available anywhere else, or if they have a web page with a mail link. Perhaps the URL of any web page they may have may help you complete the missing parts of the email address.

What is the difference between HTML and URL?

HTML is the markup languaged used to create web pages. URL is the address of a web page or site.

What is the difference between an IP address and a web address?

IP Address is 32 bit Number &amp; Web Address is the URL of any Website. For example, a web address is of the type - The IP(v4) address is of the format - Each x is a digit from 1-9. xxx can be any value from 1 - 255.

What is the difference between a web address and a website name?

Web address means the exact address of your website, it might be, or whereas website name refers to the only name not the .com, .net or .org.

How do you enter a European web address?

it depends if you are talking about an email or a website for an email you would have to use for example for an email you would use or for a web address you would use www.then what ever website you want to use

What do you mean about please enter a valid email address?

Any email address you enter into a web-site must be legitimate. The web-site is able to instantly check whether or not the email you enter is actually a valid (real) one !

Which of these services would you probably not be able to get from a typical Internet service provider An email address Access to a Web server A connection to the Internet Technical help?

An email address Access to a Web server.

If you are asked for a URL will an email address do?

no. URL is a web address on the internet. email address is for someone to send you an email. Examples: (URL) (email address) A URL is what you put in the address section of an Internet Explorer window, then hit return and you will go to that website. An email address is just for you to receive mail.

What does www stand for in an email address?

They stand for world-wide web.

How do you contact Louis Walsh via email?

The email address for Louis on this web page does noy work

What is the web address of the A Window Between Worlds in Venice California?

The web address of the A Window Between Worlds is:

What is the web address of the Land Between Lakes in Dover Tennessee?

The web address of the Land Between Lakes is: