What is the Distance between Winnipeg and virden?

Drive: 1,617 km - about 15 hours 39 minutes 1. Head northwest on William Ave toward Princess St
44 m
2. Turn left at Princess St
0.4 km
3. Continue on Donald St
2.3 km
4. Continue on McMillan Ave
0.3 km
5. Continue on Pembina Hwy
15.4 km
6. Continue on HWY-75 S/Lord Selkirk Hwy S
88.9 km
7. Continue on HWY-29 S/Lord Selkirk Hwy S Entering United States (North Dakota)
0.5 km
8. Continue on I-29 S
247 km
9. Take exit 63A-B to merge onto I-94 E toward Minneapolis Entering Minnesota
365 km
10. Continue straight onto I-694 E (signs for I-694 E)
19.4 km
11. Merge onto I-35E N
1.2 km
12. Continue on I-694 E (signs for I-694 E)
17.7 km
13. Take exit 58B for I-94 E toward Madison
0.4 km
14. Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-94 E and merge onto I-94 E Entering Wisconsin
399 km
15. Continue on I-39 S/I-90 E Partial toll road
Entering Illinois
108 km
16. Take the exit onto I-39 S/US-51 S toward Rockford/US-20
197 km
17. Take the exit onto I-55 S/US-51 S toward St Louis/Decatur/Champaign/Peoria/I-74 Continue to follow I-55 S
134 km
18. Take exit 82 for IL-104 toward Pawnee/Auburn
0.7 km
19. Turn right at IL-104 W/W IL-104 Continue to follow IL-104 W
9.4 km
20. Turn left at IL-4
9.2 km

1,617 km - about 15 hours 39 minutes