What is the Distance between Cozumel and Grand Cayman?

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Air distance between Cozumel and Grand Cayman is 611 Kilometers (380 miles).
Air distance between Cozumel and Grand Cayman is 611 Kilometers (380 miles).
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What is the difference between caymans and crocodiles?

Caimans belong to the same family as Alligators, and so are usually smaller than crocodiles (although the Black Caiman can reach lengths of 15 - 20FT!), they have smaller, U-shaped snouts, and their jaws are designed for crushing bone.. Caimans also appear a darker colour (like alligators) than mos ( Full Answer )

Where are the Grand Caymans?

They are called the Cayman Islands and are comprised of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. They are located in the Caribbean Sea, 180 miles south of Cuba and 195 miles northwest of Jamaica.

Is it windy on Grand Cayman Island?

As is true of all islands, there is a constant breeze off the ocean, along the coast. On the side opposite of Georgetown, the is wind that is stronger. Further inland you go, the less you feel the breeze. Hope this helps!

How did the grand cayman form?

It is unkown how they formed, although it is believed that they formed from an underwater volcano eruption.

How do get to cozumel?

By plane to Mexico City or Cancun international airports; from there you can take a charter flight to the island of Cozumel. Also you can drive from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, where the ferry can take you to the island.

Distance between Grand Canyon and Joshua tree?

The distance between the Grand Canyon National Park and United States Joshua Tree National Park is 448 miles (721km) and the driving time is about 9 hours 36 minutes.

Is Halloween celebrated on Grand Cayman Island?

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays on the CaymanIslands. Most of the nightclubs on Seven Mile Beach have acelebration of some sort. Family events are also big and childrenare greatly encouraged to put on a costume and trick or treat.

Distance from miami to cayman islands?

The distance between the two places is 417 miles. This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen.

What is the distance from Grand Cayman to Montego Bay?

The distance from Grand Cayman to Montego Bay is 210 nautical miles. Answers to this and other questions about travel in the Caribbean may be found at this website http://www.biega.com/ariel.html

Are there mountains in grand cayman?

The topography of the Cayman Islands is very flat and as such there are no mountains. The highest point of elevation above sea level in Grand Cayman is some 60ft asl, in the neighboring Sister Island of Cayman Brac however, there is a large bluff comprised mainly of limestone that rises to an elevat ( Full Answer )

What is the best condo in the grand cayman islands?

This is highly subjective as the Condos in the Cayman Islands cater to a diverse set of tastes and interests. The best known are possibly the residences at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. Prices can range from quite expensive to very affordable. The list is really quite exhaustive. For a more specifi ( Full Answer )

What is the distance between Duluth MN and Grand Forks ND?

The given calculated distance including the time does not include time spent on traffic, effect of weather and other obstacles. The distance between these two places is approximately 267 miles. The above position can be reached from the starting position in 4 hours 56 minutes .

How much is airfare to the grand cayman isl?

I guess it depends on what country you're flying from. My parents told me that tickets cost around $1000 dollar per person, but this was back in 2008. I'm sure it's increased by now.

What is the distance between Aruba and Isla Grande Panama?

Isla Grande, about 9 miles (15 kilometers) offshore of Portobelo on Panama's northern coast, is about 700 miles from Oranjestad, Aruba's capital. Specifically, that distance is equivalent to about 1,126 kilometers. It is 608 nautical miles. Isla Grande is west of Oranjestad.

When do cruise ships arrive at grand cayman?

As far as I know, they arrive every morning except for Friday and Saturday. However, I've only visited Grand Cayman over winter break so I'm not sure if there's a span of time that cruise ships don't arrive in Grand Cayman.

Does oil spill affect grand cayman?

Grand Cayman island is in the Bahamas. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisana. It has not yet affected Grand Cayman island, but, given enough time, and enough spilled oil, it probably will have some effect. ----------------- They say that the oil has possibly reached an o ( Full Answer )

How many miles from LAX and Grand Cayman?

The distance between the above mentioned places is 2489miapproximately. The distance is straight path from one place to anotherplace. There might be slight difference between the actual distance andthe above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.

What is the sailing distance from the Cayman Islands to Aruba?

According to World Shipping Register's Sea Distances Voyage Calculator, the sailing distance from George Town, capital of the Cayman Islands, to Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, is 794 nautical miles . Specifically, the distance is equivalent to 913.7 miles. Also, that is equivalent to 1,470 kilomet ( Full Answer )

Is grand cayman owned by the US?

I don't think so. They have British flags over there and drive on the opposite side of the road like people do in Europe. I think it might be owned by Britain.

Where do the cruise ships dock on Grand Cayman?

They do not 'dock' at a harbor or port. Instead, they drop anchorsome ways out from the inbound cargo port. Cruise Ship ferries thennavigate to the ship to take up to 40-50 passengers at a time -there are several ferries that run as long as needed to accomodatevisitors. The ferries ferry the passeng ( Full Answer )