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What is the Earth's oldest rock?

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Currently the oldest insitu rock layers of terrestrial origin were discovered by Dr. Jonathan O'Neil and his colleagues, whose work published in September of 2008, revealed rocks as old as 4.28 billion years of age in Northern Quebec, along the Hudson's Bay coast, 40 km south of Inukjuak. This area is known as the Nuvvuagittuq greenstone belt. They were dated by measuring the decay of the element neodymium-142 which was present in the rock.

However this is either the oldest rock material of Earth origin or the oldest rock material found on Earth.

For further information, please see the related links below.

For information on the oldest material of terrestrial origin and the oldest material found on Earth please see the related questions.

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What kind of the rock is the oldest rock?

what kind of rock is the oldest rock

What is earths oldest satellite?

The moon.

Oldest part of a conglomerate rock?

The oldest part of a conglomerate rock would be that rock fragment contained within the conglomerate that was the oldest. Conglomerates may contain rock fragments of many different ages.

Is the oldest rock on the top or bottom?

Generally the oldest rock is on the bottom because it existed first and then other layers of rock formed on top of it. The one exception to this is if the rock has been pushed to form a dome; then the oldest rock will be the top layer of the dome. Usually, however, the oldest rock is the bottom layer in a section with several rock layers.

What is the oldest rock in the Philippines?

igneous rock

What is the oldest kind of rock?

The igneous rock.

What is the oldest rock in earth?

Igneous Rock

What is earths oldest form of life?

Shark is one.

What is the oldest moon?

Well there is no certain ''oldest moon'' but they do have oldest moon features and oldest moon rock

Is the bottom of the rock layer the oldest or the youngest?

They oldest. The closer to the core the rock layer is, the older it is. ~Nameless

What does Satan mean in earths oldest language?

Sanskrit Is The Oldest Language, And In Sanskrit Satan Means Truth.

Where are the oldest layers of rock in a rock formation?

in nevada

What is the oldest rock layer?

The Law of Superposition states that in undisturbed strata of sedimentary rock, the oldest rock layer is at the bottom, the youngest at the top.

What is the answer of the oldest rock?


what is the longest and oldest era of earths history?

The Precambrian era.

Where would you find the oldest rock on a cliff?

Under normal circumstances, the oldest rock layers are at the bottom of the formation.

Whats the oldest sport?

Probably wrestling No actually its baseball

Molton rock that flows from a volcano onto Earths surface is?

Molton rock that flows from a volcano onto Earths surface is

How is the orientation of earths magnetism recorded in rocks on the ocean floor?

Earths magnetic orientation is locked into the rock when the rock cools

Which layer of rock is the oldest?

Rocks that are further down in the crust are the oldest.

On the ocean floor where is the oldest rock?

The oldest rock in oceanic crust is that which is found the greatest distance from a mid-ocean-ridge.

Are the rolling stones the oldest living rock band?

Actually AC/DC are the oldest still living rock band

How old is the oldest lunar rock?

Apollo 17 found the oldest rock and it appears to be about 4.5 billion years old

What type of rock is the oldest?

The rock on the way bottom, but not the vein

Is granite the oldest rock in the world?

Granite is not the oldest rock in the world. The oldest rocks on earth are gneiss, particularly the Acasta Gneiss and are about 4. 09 billion years old.