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What is the Egyptian symbol for 'only god can trust me'?

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Since Egyptian Hieroglyphics are much like the letters of our alphabet, there would not be a single symbol for an entire sentence, but rather a series of symbols that spell out the meanings of the words.

Also, they recognized many different Gods, and each had a different symbol. The symbol in your question for God would depend on which one of the gods you were talking about.

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What is the Egyptian symbol for the Hebrew God?

The Egyptians did not have a symbol for the Hebrew God. They only wrote about the Hebrews in one place, and didn't mention their God.

Cow is the symbol of what Egyptian god?

the cow is the symbol of Hathor

Is ibis a Egyptian god?

No, the ibis is the symbol of Thoth.

What is the symbol for the Egyptian sun god?

A golden solar disk.

What is the Egyptian symbol for 'only god can judge you'?

The symbol you are looking for is the Gye Nyame, it belongs to Andikra symbols but it means "Presence of God" or "God alone"; not, as some have suggested, "Only God can judge me", although many people use it this way. For an image, see the related links below.

What is the egyptian symbol for god?

I cannot show you because there is no key on my keyboard that is anything close to the symbol you are looking for.

What Egyptian god did the lamb represent?

In Ancient Egyptian religion, the ram was the symbol of several gods: Khnum, Heryshaf and Amun (in his incarnation as a god of fertility).

Is monthu the Egyptian god of war related to any other Egyptian gods?

Yes monthu is not the only Egyptian god of war

Did the Egyptian god aten have any connections with any other Egyptian gods?

Yes he was once a symbol of Ra and Horus.

What is the Egyptian symbol for good luck that looks like the scarab beetle?

The symbol for the sun god Khepri is a scarab beetle.

Who was the Egyptian god of priests?

There is no god of priests, only a god of mummification, Anubis.

Which ancient Egyptian gods were human and which were animals?

There was no Egyptian god which was simply a animal, the animal was their symbol of power and the meaning of their ideal nature.

Egyptian god of life?

There isn't really one. There is the ankh, the symbol of life, but thats the closest you can get

What Egyptian word starts with w?

The Wedjat eye is a symbol of the Eye of Horus (sky god).

Why did Ra the Egyptian god have a crown?

Ra was not only a god, he was a ruler of gods as a king.

What was the Egyptian god bes the god of?

The Egyptian god Bes was the dwarf god.

Who were ancient egyptian scribe draftsmen?

only god knows

Who was a Egyptian god who slew hie uncle?

There is no Egyptian god who slew his uncle, as the only god who "died" in Egyptian mythology was Osiris who was killed by Set and revived to rule in the afterlife by Isis. Horus warred with Set to rule, but did not kill him.

Who was the Egyptian god zozer?

There is no Egyptian god Zozer.

Who was the Egyptian god of lice?

There was no Egyptian god of lice.

Who was the Pharaoh that only worshiped only one of the Egyptian gods?

Akhenaton was the only pharoh who believed in just one god. The one god he believed in was the god of sun.

What is a symbol for only God can judge me?

Gye Nyame

What Egyptian god had to do with gnats?

That was the Biblical god of Abraham, not a Egyptian god or goddess.

Is the sentence you trust on god correct?

No, "you trust on god" is not correct. What you probably are trying to say is, you trust God. Or, you place your trust in God.

What are the names of the Egyption Gods?

Ra- god of sun Anubis- god of death Amon-Re- The Egyptian god Isis- The Egyptian goddess Horus- The Egyptian falcon god God Orisis and Seth the Egyptian god