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El Salvador

What is the El Salvador flag history?

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The El Salvador flag contains the colors blue, white, green, red, and yellow. The primary design is 2 blue stripes with a white stripe in the middle and the El Salvador crest found in the middle of the flag.

the colors of the El Salvador flag is blue and white with a little symbol on it

El Salvador is a small country with a rich history.

It's flag is Blue and white!

what is the history of quesadilla el salvador

The capital and largest city in El Salvador is San Salvador.


Carlos R. Colindres has written: 'El Salvador' -- subject(s): El Salvador, History, Pictorial works

The El Salvador Colours Means the White represent the Peace And the blue Represent the Ocean

Central El Salvador Mission - 28,743 East El Salvador Conference - 52,347 Metropolitan El Salvador Conference - 36,338 Paracentral El Salvador Mission - 36,576

El Salvador was once part of Spain. Independence day is one of the major holidays. The Flag of El Salvador has blue stripes that mean the Pacific and the Caribbean sea's White stripes. The Coat of Arms is a Triangle, 5 volcanoes, golden rays, a rainbow, And 14 clusters of leaves. El Salvador is a Hispanic country located in Central America

No. El Salvador is a country.

El Salvador is a Republic.

There is not a Hollister in El Salvador.

Blue ~ the oceans that bath Central America. White ~ heaven

San Salvador is the largest city in El Salvador.

The capitol of the country of El Salvador is San Salvador.

San Salvador is the capital and largest city of El Salvador.

San Salvador El Salvador Temple was created in 2011.

El Salvador invented pupusas

the repulic of el salvador