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first, or 'one'

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Q: What is the English number for the french number premier?
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What is the number premier in french digits?

The ordinal number premier in French corresponds to the English ordinal number "first".

What is 'premier Γ©tage' when translated from French to English?

Premier étage in French is "first floor" in English.

What is 'Quel Γ©tait votre premier numΓ©ro de tΓ©lΓ©phone' when translated from French to English?

Quel était votre premier numéro de téléphone? in French means "What was your first telephone number?" in English.

What is the French word for the English word first?

premier / première

Which footballers who play in the English premier league speak French?


What is 'Sunday February 1st' when translated from English to French?

"Sunday February 1st" in English is dimanche, le premier février in French.

What is 'premier' when translated from French to English?

"First" as an adjective and "(the) first" as a noun are English equivalents of the French word premier. The masculine singular adjective also translates as "main," "original," "primary" or "prime" according to English contexts. The pronunciation will be "pruh-myey" in Alsatian French.

How many French footballers play in the English Premier League?

69 players

How do you say day number one in french?

le premier jour

What is the number premier in french?

It's the ranking count number for 'first' (so like number one).

What is the English translation of the French phrase 'le premier'?

"The first" is an English equivalent of the French phrase le premier.Specifically, the masculine singular definite article le means "the". The masculine adjective/noun/pronoun premier translates as "first". The pronunciation will be "luh pruh-myey" in French.

Who has played the most number of matches in the English premier league?

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